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message 1: by Ketiana Osias (new)

Ketiana Osias Please add a book cover to The Invention of Race in the European Middle Ages by Geraldine Heng

Thank you.

message 2: by Michael (new)

Michael Korleone (michaelkorleone) | 3881 comments Added

message 3: by D.M. (new)

D.M. Cameron (dmcameron) | 2 comments When I try and upload my book cover Michael - this message pops up. 'The book data was saved. Any changes to searchable data will take up to 10 minutes to be reflected in the search.' But then nothing happens, even after ten minutes...?

message 4: by Michael (last edited May 25, 2018 10:27PM) (new)

Michael Korleone (michaelkorleone) | 3881 comments If you could share the image, we can add it to the book. Or you can try doing it yourself by clicking on "Upload File" of your book's edit page

Found cover on the publisher site and added it. All good?

message 5: by D.M. (new)

D.M. Cameron (dmcameron) | 2 comments Oh my God! Thank you so much!!

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