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message 1: by Amy (new)

Amy Grondin | 8 comments Mod
Have you fallen into a reading routine? Try to read outside your comfort zone. If you normally read all fiction, try non-fiction. If you read mostly white authors, read authors of color. If you read mostly American authors, read some world literature. If you read mostly fantasy, try a thriller. (And on and on...)

As with all goals, make sure it's SMART:

Measurable (you'll be able to know if you reached it)
Appropriate/Achievable (not too hard, not too easy)
Relevant (to you and your interests)
Time-Based (summer!)

message 2: by Maddie (new)

Maddie Brown | 2 comments My goal for this summer is to try reading at least one mystery book and one classic novel, in addition to my regular reading.

message 3: by Molly (new)

Molly | 3 comments My goal is to read this non-fiction book on the creation of forensic science that my parents got me a few years ago, and I have just been putting off reading.

message 4: by Abbi (new)

Abbi Cordon | 4 comments I’m goal is to try to branch out and read some non-fiction books

message 5: by Izabelle (new)

Izabelle | 8 comments My goal this summer is to read at least one classic novel, because while I really love reading these types of books, I don't read them very often.

message 6: by Nyssa (new)

Nyssa | 5 comments I would like to read more nonfiction or autobiographies because I rarely read those genres.

message 7: by Chloë (new)

Chloë | 9 comments My goal is to read a classic book and a more modern book to compare because I don’t typically read classic books.

message 8: by Anna (new)

Anna Dummer | 4 comments I want to read The Help. I normally read books that are fantasy, mystery, or science fiction, so this will be a little different.

message 9: by Jimena (new)

Jimena Boyzo | 5 comments This summer I tried to expand my reading horizons by reading nonfiction books as well as comedic /romantic books ( not my favorite but at least I gave it a try )

message 10: by Riley Holmes (new)

Riley Holmes  | 5 comments I tend to read a lot of fiction/fantasy novels and hope to even branch out as the year goes on. I’d love to read novels written by authors I can learn from rather than the ones I relate to. Hoping to read some non-fiction novels as well.

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