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Strange Tidings (Legends Walk, #1)
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Urban Fantasy series prequel > 0.99 until 31 May, Strange Tidings (Urban Fantasy/YA)

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Jim Stein (jimsteinbooks) | 5 comments 🔥99¢ sale on my Urban Fantasy Strange Tidings eBook thru the end of May. A tale of music, magic, and Native American legends (Book 1 of Legends Walk series) Grab it or learn more at Amazon https://goo.gl/9Jai9f , B&N, iTunes, or my publisher (TWRP). (Reg $4.99) - Happy Reading
Strange Tidings: Legends Walk book 1 by Jim Stein

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Jim Stein (jimsteinbooks) | 5 comments I think this will appeal to teen-adult readers. I'd love to get some younger opinions, since only adults have read and commented so far. Happy to answer any questions. -Jim

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Dennis Kitainik | 151 comments I hope it's not in any way like Leslie Silko or Sherman Alexie!

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Jim Stein (jimsteinbooks) | 5 comments Nope. I haven't read their work nor followed the scandals. This is a light Urban Fantasy overlaid with a couple well-known Native American figures from legend, rock music, and elemental magic. Nothing scandalous, no tribal secrets, and not a romance novel either.

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Dennis Kitainik | 151 comments Good -- because I was forced against my will to read them both in college (Silko was required reading for American Studies 001, Alexie for Comparative Religions 191 -- the latter of which classes was a nightmare in EVERY way), and they are truly AWFUL writing, with NO plot, NO structure, and NO discernible rhyme or reason about ANYTHING (and as far as Alexie, he didn't even have any real character development or dramatic tension!) So my advice to you is, don't waste your time reading that garbage!

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John Rosenman (retiredprof) | 21 comments 99¢ for only a short time. So grab it now! - John Rosenman's THE MERRY-GO-ROUND MAN - a 1950s coming of age Crossroad Press original... available in all eBook formats - https://amzn.to/2kiqg9v

You can also listen for FREE to a five minute audio scene from my novel, read by the incomparable Aze Fellner. For the first time, Johnny begins to realize his two great gifts. It's at the following site, just scroll down to the bottom: https://www.audible.com/search/ref=a_...… /

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Jim Stein (jimsteinbooks) | 5 comments 👀 1 Day left at 99¢ 👀 Urban Fantasy. Teen-Adult. At Amazon https://goo.gl/9Jai9f , B&N, iBooks, and TWRP.

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Jim Stein (jimsteinbooks) | 5 comments 3 copies left! To say thank you for the support, shares, and kind thoughts. I'm giving away 10 copies of Strange Tidings*. Enter for a 1 in 25 chance to instantly win my eBook through Amazon. https://goo.gl/ceBFah

-Good luck and happy reading! -Jim
*Underground Book Reviews May contest Perfect Pitch winner!
Giveaway ends 10 Jun or when all prizes claimed

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