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Melanie | 556 comments I read a PNR adult romance book on kindle unlimited, book was prob written 2015 or newer. The story has multiple points of view between the male (H) and female (h). The male H is a werewolf and is part of a secret military branch team that has like 4 or 5 members (each one of them is a shifter, I can't remember if they are all werewolves or not). The male H is the alpha of the group. The female h is also part of a military division but she doesn't know about shifters (or that this team is shifters), she's human. She was told by her superiors that she needed to team up with the special squad to deal with this mission. H's team and h go on the mission together and H and h get separated from the shifter squad. H and h are starting to get feelings for each other. H is surprised that h is a down to earth woman and can rough it in the desert. He starts to get nervous as the full moon is coming....And this is were I stopped reading the book and have no idea what happens. I remember a scene where the h goes to pee in the woods/rock during the mission where they separated from the team. She sleeps on the ground without complaints. This is when the H starts thinking she's hot/cool person. At on point when it's just the H and h they are sleeping and they wake up to find out that H is holding her. They're (both the H and h) are surprised and a little embarrassed.

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Melanie | 556 comments I've found it. Blood Moon
Blood Moon (Moonstruck, #1) by Silver James

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