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Escape from Palmar (Kodus #1)
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Chapter 1 – Peace Undone

CLOUDS SCATTERED ACROSS THE EVENING SKY, VEILING COUNTLESS STARS. A cool, crisp breeze raced from the dark shore toward the nearby treetops that surrounded a long-forgotten garden. The breeze climbed the stone wall from the base of an ancient, unkempt castle before it disappeared. As each gust of wind died, another took flight beneath the clouds and raced along the ocean.

The castle seemed vacant, devoid of sound. Not even a single candle lit in a window. Most nights, residents closed their drapes for privacy. But tonight, nearly every drape had been left open, forgotten, and nearly every room abandoned. One window stood apart from the rest, covered fully by its old drapes. A candle flickered on the windowsill, sending a soft light through the thin material and out into the night. The chamber rested high on the castle wall.

Inside, a man sat at a faded, wooden desk. He wrote with a crooked feather quill, though most of the feathers had long-since fallen out. In silence, he let his thoughts roam. After a sip from his chalice, he stained a fresh page with black, inky strokes.

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Kathy Golden | 68 comments Where is the download link to your book?

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