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Maria Hill AKA MH Books (mariahilldublin) Well I finally finished this long tome of a book! What do people think of the ending?

In my opinion it was the only way to end this book as it seems to follow the rules of what happens to a magician in this Universe, It also tied up all of the loose ends with the nameless slave, England all playing their part etc. But how unsatisfactory for those rooting for the Stranges' love story.

Margo I have 2 hours 13 mins to go! I hope I finish tonight 😯

Maria Hill AKA MH Books (mariahilldublin) Good luck Margo - hope you enjoy

Milou I just finished this... read the last 200 pages or so in one sitting and really enjoyed it. The ending is perfect. It ties everything up nicely and I am glad Strange and Norrell got together again.
I couldn't help feel really sorry for Mrs Strange, I really liked her character. And being in a long distance relationship myself for several years now (though we have finally heard that my husband is allowed to come live with me) I got quite emotional. It is not a pain I would wish upon anyone.
I had a bit of a chuckle at the mention of the Shelleys in Geneva. I thought that was woven in quite cleverly.
I am very glad I finally picked this book up. I really enjoyed part 1 and 3, part 2 had a bit of a dip for me. But still a great read.

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Dawn | 1152 comments Aww! so nice to hear you're finally going to be together Milou x

Milou Dawn wrote: "Aww! so nice to hear you're finally going to be together Milou x"
Thank you :)

Margo Milou - so happy for you both 😍

It's interesting that you found the dip in part 2. For me it was the final section. I agree that the ending was pretty perfect, but, oh lord, the journey there was slow! Maybe this is peculiar to the audio version? Did anyone else listen? It took me a long time to finish the last part as I kept falling asleep 😧

Milou I listened to the audio on my way to work (which is mostly part 2), and ebook when at home. Almost all of part 3 I read as ebook.

Dawn | 1152 comments I listened to the audio book too Margo. I think part of the problem was that the narrator was so slow. I could easily fall asleep while listening if I wasn't up and about doing something. A bit of life and animation in the reading would have gone a long way to making the book more interesting although I thought the English accent was very appropriate.

Fannie D'Ascola | 501 comments Just curious to know how the (long) footnotes were done on audio?

I too like the ending. I thought it fit perfectly with the context of the book. And to give that mirror to Flora Greysteel was a great idea.

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Dawn | 1152 comments The footnotes are all read as sub-stories in the middle of the main story pretty much as they appear in the book. The narrator does say it's a footnote and usually gives each a title so it's not confusing.

Maria Hill AKA MH Books (mariahilldublin) Taylor I really want to watch the TV series. I am hoping it comes to netflix eventually as I have gotten rid of my TV and DVD player (I have gotten too lazy for all the plugin, insert DVD nonsense).

LOL Dawn and Margo - I am reading the Parentations at the moment and had to switch to a hardcopy from audio as I kept falling asleep and the book seems really good and I didn't want to miss any of it. In my case its because I am working longish hours and then visiting my Dad in hospital - so I am actually pretty tired. The audio narrator actually has a lovely sounding voice.

Maria Hill AKA MH Books (mariahilldublin) LOL Taylor.

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Alan | 158 comments Just finished this and wow, did Clarke ever nail that ending.

All the way through I was impressed by her style, though I think for the first three fourths it's better suited to reading slowly and really savouring (I wish I'd taken my time and done this). The last hundred pages were more of a roller coaster--couldn't put it down.

I may have missed it, but when the man with thistledown hair casts the spell that takes he and Stephen to his most dangerous enemy (and teleports them to Vinculus), is the implication that Vinculus was dangerous insofar as he'd set into motion the events that led to Stephen killing the thistledown man? Or was it alluded to later as a mistake in the precision of the spell when Norrell comments on how important precision is?

I must admit, I was surprised Vinculus didn't turn out to be John Uskglass!

Efrat | 90 comments I think that if the book was half as long then it was wonderfull.

Sandy | 1665 comments Dawn wrote: "I listened to the audio book too Margo. I think part of the problem was that the narrator was so slow. I could easily fall asleep while listening if I wasn't up and about doing something. A bit of ..."

When that happens and in this case it did - i listen to the book at 1:25 speed. I love it. Thank goodness for alternate speeds. I miss very little and it goes a lot faster.

Sandy | 1665 comments I had the book on Kindle and just couldn't even find the footnotes - not well done at all - when I listened - it was much more enjoyable because I heard the footnotes.

I thought the body rewritten was perfect and felt so sorry for Mrs. Strange and Mrs. Pole. Neither one of them asked for the pain they had to endure.

Norrell annoyed the you know what out of me. Totally believable that he was taken advantage of by the two men. I did not feel sorry for him at all though as he was such a book miser. Who here can really approve of that. Right???

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