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Now we'll never know > Fiction aviation war with a couple of B-52 bombers that were modified with nuclear reactors and went on a few missions.

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Peter Meilinger | 474 comments Flight of the Old Dog by Dale Brown is about an old bomber with a mostly civilian crew that has all sorts of experimental equipment and is the only plane in position to take out a Russian laser installation that they're using to extort concessions from the West.

It doesn't sound like that's the specific book you're looking for, but Dale Brown has many, many more books and it could be one of them.

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Aspiring Scribbler | 67 comments I've not read any of his books yet, but it sounds like the kind of thing that Clive Cussler might have written. Might be worth checking through his back catalogue. (I have some on my ever-growing TBR...)

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The OP's account is deleted. Moving to NWNK.

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