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Kendra Ardnek | 15 comments I'm working on a new project for 100-4-100, a collection of Jane Austen/Fairytale mashups. The first book is entitled Rose Petals and Snowflakes and combines S&S with Snow White and Rose Red.

Got 818 words today.

“Well, well, weren’t you ever told that it’s not a good idea to wander into the Forest, Princess?”
It was a man’s voice, and yet, when Elinrose spun around to face the speaker, she saw no man.
She wouldn’t let that perturb her – it was not her way to let anyone know that she was at their mercy. “I seek my brother,” she answered. “And how do you know that I am a princess?”
“You wear the crest of the north country,” the speaker answered. “And I have been following you since you crossed the border – it’s not often that people cross into this territory. Even rarer that they’re allowed to leave. You really should have left your brother alone.”
Elinrose frowned, wishing she knew what this man wanted of her. He had to want something of her, to be talking to her. That was how the Forest worked. Everyone knew that.
“My brother must be returned home,” she answered. “I did not care for the dangers.”
“Then you are not as sensible as they say, Princess Elinrose,” the man answered. “Still, loyalty to your family is to be admired. And there was a time when I was not as sensible as I thought I was.”
Another crack of lighting boomed above them, illuminating the clearing for a split-second, and Elinrose finally beheld the stranger.
A large bear.

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Kendra Ardnek | 15 comments Skipped yesterday to prepare for Indie e-Con. Got 1012 words today.

The forest blurred into a streak of gray-green, and she held tightly to two fistfuls of the bear’s fur, not knowing what else to cling to. He wasn’t complaining, so she supposed that it must be all right. At length, he slowed to a walk, pausing every few moments to sniff the air.
“So, what are you called?” she asked, after a moment. When he didn’t answer, she continued, “Come now, I can’t just call you ‘bear,’ now can I?”
“Bear will do,” he answered. “Now, be quiet. We’re near your brother.”
Elinrose clamped her mouth closed in a frown.
The moment after, they entered a clearing, set up with a tent and an extinguished campfire. An unfamiliar young man knelt before the camp fire, trying desperately to coax life into the soaked embers.
“Earnest, I have found the Princess Elinrose,” said the Bear. “Where North’s prince?”
“Hunting,” said the young man, quickly mounting to his feet, his eyes fixed on Elinrose. “The princess, truly?”
“I need you see them out of the forest,” the Bear continued. “Their father may not have long left. Leaving this forest is your privilege. If anyone can smuggle them out, it’s you.”

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Merenwen Inglorion | 389 comments Ooh, I'm definitely intrigued. :D
Hurrah on the word count!
Idk why I've never thought of doing classical retellings before... o_O

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Kendra Ardnek | 15 comments I blame the Vintage Jane Austen series, and Suit and Suitability.

I have a pinterest board if you'd like to check out my plans for the subsequent novels.

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