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M.S. Edwards (mtsedwards) | 2 comments * No Great Matter
* m.s. edwards
* 9781719236072
* CreateSpace
* May 21, 2018
* Paperback
* The cheeky version: This is not about vampires, or werewolves, or superheroes, or dystopia. There are no assassins, spies, orphans, or life-threatening illnesses. There is only a girl. And a boy. In Southern California. And relentless rains. And the pursuit of umbrellas.
The traditional version: Sixteen-year-old 4.2 honors student Evie Owens prefers to focus her energies on writing op/ed pieces for the school paper, acing her exams, and getting into the Ivy League of her choice. But when her best and only friend, Nick Tanaka, starts acting cryptic then falls in with the beautiful people, her priorities are at risk of being derailed. Throw in suspicious and inexplicable events of the supranatural kind, and now, control freak Evie has to find a way to realign her schema without disappointing her teachers, compromising her life goals, or fumbling a shot at saving humanity despite the derivative New Kid, her enigmatic dojo master, and the four members of resident garage band, Vocal Large.
* 406 pgs.

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free (frdn) | 5201 comments you already added that...

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M.S. Edwards (mtsedwards) | 2 comments Yep. I didn't realize signing up as an author would make the info I'd inputted universal across the site. Thanks for your patience

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