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message 1: by Paul (new)

Paul Bellow (litrpg_forum) | 47 comments Mod
A thread for readers who want to discuss the very popular The Land series by Aleron Kong.

message 2: by Hud (new) - rated it 5 stars

Hud Russo | 23 comments great series unfortunately the book is overshadowed by how annoying the author has become with the whole email me constantly and self aggrandizement is just annoying as hell. Less telling us how great a author you are and more writing.

Michael Thoe I can agree that Aleron can be a bit annoying, especially with all his “lol”s in his emails. He does, however, love his fans and constantly holds giveaways in his weekly(sometimes semi-weekly) emails. Despite his eager personality, the series is great... with a couple exceptions.
My first issue is the cliffhanger at the end of every novel- a good tactic in making your readers wanting more but at the cost of pissing them off, in my opinion. If the novels are good, you do not need such amateur tactics to keep your readers excited for the next iteration. This really isn’t that big of a deal with his now somewhat extensive(seven novels at present count) series until you are all caught up to the latest... then, you just kind of want to kick him in the taint, as Aleron would put it.
Next, the repetitive statistics and intricate mechanics. This also isn’t that big of a deal if you are actually reading the book. You can just skip the overly redundant explanation of what a human is and their “prolific breeding” after every “Analyze” skill action. However, if you listen to the audiobooks... you want to strangle the bastard, despite the truly awesome production of the books. Seriously, the best narrator and sound effects in a series out there.
Last gripe of the series is how the explanation of the game mechanics are so overly detailed. Listen, I am not interest in reading the game manual m. Sure, some foundation is nice but do not make a meal out of it.

All in all, Aleron can be a bit too energetic and detail oriented but his books, especially audiobooks, are fantastic!

message 4: by GaiusPrimus, Kindle Wizard (new) - rated it 4 stars

GaiusPrimus | 200 comments Mod
I don't think "too energetic" is the right description for him, nonetheless it doesn't detract from the books.

What does detract from them is the lack of closure, the lack of character growth, the "too on the nose" references and the fact that they have no focus. Let's not forget that he's been throwing out a 30 book series.

If he had just kept telling the story from the first book, as he started, it would've been a pretty good series.

Michael Thoe I’m curious, has he admitted to planning a 30 books series or did you just throw that number out there? I can definitely see it being that long, especially if he goes back to the size of his 1-6 books. Book seven is the size he said he wanted to continue writing. However, I have a bone to pick with it’s content. Books one through six covered I think like 160+ days, if I remember correctly but book seven, nearly quadruple the size of his other novels, is only 9 days, I think. Seriously?! Sure, quite a bit happened but there was also quite a bit of filler, in my opinion. Not to mention most of the villages upper echelon doesn’t come back until half way through the book.

I’ll agree he does like to bounce around a lot and tends to keep quite a few irons in the fire.

Once again, totally worth reading buuuut... yeah... I think Aleron’s story has a lot of untouched potential he hasn’t fully realized yet.

message 6: by GaiusPrimus, Kindle Wizard (new) - rated it 4 stars

GaiusPrimus | 200 comments Mod
Yeah, the 30 book series comes from him. I can't pull up the post where he talked about it because I was banned from the group when the whole trademarking of the LitRPG term came about.

message 7: by GaiusPrimus, Kindle Wizard (new) - rated it 4 stars

GaiusPrimus | 200 comments Mod
To be fair, I actually think the last book was better than the previous one.

Michael Thoe Agreed, 7 was better than 6. I am looking forward to book 8 just hope he’ll start closing some of his open quests like those damn black crystals he’s been lugging around since, what, book 4?

Chris Pacheco | 2 comments Honestly the bouncing around is what I enjoy the most about his books! Personally, when I’m playing a in depth game that has plenty of side quests and lots of different things to explore I tend to do more of that and not focus on the main quest! It’s a good representation on life, because nothing ever seems to be straightforward.

message 10: by GaiusPrimus, Kindle Wizard (new) - rated it 4 stars

GaiusPrimus | 200 comments Mod
It's also a good representation of a scatterbrained writer.

Michael Thoe Ooo, little harsh, bro.

Anyway, I disagree with the “bouncing around” being indicative of life- I’ve never had a job where I left things half-ass for prolonged periods of time and it did not have a massive adverse affect. And be sure that being a Master is a place of Power is a full time, ever demanding, job.
But games? Sure. Fallout 4- didn’t give a damn about the son. However, that blood oath from the first book is a sword of Damocles but so are the many missions Richter picks up along the way- like those damn bugs! Too many of the quests are, in fact. The entire book 7 was a resolutions of a sword of Damocles that he waited to the last minute to resolve.

Things pop up, right? Well, get over that. Delegate. Whatever! A leader should be more effective, especially one with someone like Randy. I realize that Richter is beginning to realize this now but in my opinion, in “real life” there would be MASSIVE consequences including losing his position or permanently damaging it anyway.

This is, however, my opinion.


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