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message 1: by Pixye (new)

Pixye | 80 comments Mod
Hey everyone! I just started learning about writing buddies, and I think it's great to have someone to share your inspirations with and give advice to! So over here, write a little about yourself, what you write, and what you're looking for in a writing buddy!

message 2: by Rylee (new)

Rylee (theneverlandgal) | 12 comments Mod
Hi, I'm Ella. I love Fantasy and Fanfiction. I am also a big fan of the Titanic and the revolintary war. I live Hamilton, Harry Potter, The Mysterious Benedict Society, Wonder, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Oh I am also like one of the biggest Disney fans on the planet.Not to mention, I love writing Exaggerated Realistic Fiction. Or Exaggerated anything! SO yeah I hope you guys can find something to relate with. I also love comprise so I'll take a lot of people as a buddy!

message 3: by Pixye (new)

Pixye | 80 comments Mod
Hey everyone, I'm Luaya! I'm trying to write a fiction novel, and am looking for a writing buddy to openly criticize my work, give me pointers, and not hesitate to tell me I'm being an idiot and procrastinating too much :P I would love to do it back, too!
Okay, that made me sound harsh... but yeah. I would really love a writing buddy to swap ideas with! PM me if interested!

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