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A.S. Johnson (author_a_s_johnson) | 16 comments I see other topics with authors listing novels and thought this would be a good place to offer a new "thread" for all to post their novel they are offering for free to readers/reviews.

I'll start this off with my own and hopefully fellow authors will follow suit. Best wishes to everyone!

Free until August 4, 2014
Neria the Future Demon Huntress, Book One
*updated version, YA/Teen friendly, Romance
(mild language with demon extraction ritual; approx. 155 pages)

(back cover blurb)
Neria Perkins is a typical teen from southern California. All she ever wanted was to be normal, blend in, and get by. Only problem she was plagued with nightmare dreams and an overbearing religious nut for a Mother. Little did she know she was anything but normal or typical and her life was destined for a higher calling. Her future as the first demon huntress is put into motion as disaster strikes and her strength to survive tested beyond anything she'd ever known before.

Kellar O’Sullivan knew from the moment he saw Neria, she was the girl from his vision, the one. As a prophet and future demon hunter, he had always known she wasn't like the others, she is special. His mission was to not only protect, but prepare her for what is to come, all the while praying she doesn't rip his heart out in the process.

Find out if their love is strong enough to endure, overcome, and survive.
Neria (The Future Demon Huntress, #1) by A.S. Johnson

Link to FREE E-book download:
Free E-book offer until August 4, 2014

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Marc Nash (sulci) | 3 comments not sure if this quit fits the bill as it's a buy one title get a second free? If not please feel free to remove it


Buy 28 Far Cries by Marc Nash 28 Far Cries

tweet it and get for free

Long Stories Short by Marc Nash Long Stories Short

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