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Julia Anyone else feel like the third book will come out soon? IMO there is just a lot of recent hype around the series... my best friend and I both had book 1 recommended to us, and we both started reading it without mentioning it to each other! Do you think it is being promoted more in bookstores in anticipation of book 3?

Renée No. Book stores have no clue when the book is coming out.

Julia Well, it might not be the store itself, but maybe the *publisher* or the *supplier* knows... I just find it really weird, like I said, that out of the blue my best friend and I (and we live an hour away) got recent recommendations for this book, even though it was published years ago. (My recommendation came directly from a bookstore worker.)

Maybe it's not so much on the store-workers to know when this is coming out, but the publishing company might be doing some subtle self-promoting--paying to have book one in stock and on display, perhaps--without actually explaining why to the bookstore workers. Does that make sense?

A quick search of editions of this book shows many 10th anniversary publications from 2017, so maybe that is related to what I've been talking about???

Renée I think it has more to do with the tv series/movie thats in the works

"The Kingkiller Chronicles
Lin-Manuel Miranda and Sam Raimi aren’t two people you’d expect to read about in the same sentence, but thanks to Patrick Rothfuss’ popular books, the Broadway genius and horror maestro might soon work together. The Kingkiller Chronicles tells the story of a fantasy world adventurer and musician named Kvothe, and like another series (ahem) is still in progress. Lionsgate must love what they’ve read already since they’re planning both a movie adaptation and a series for Showtime. Miranda is set to produce and make music for both, while Raimi is apparently in talks to direct the movie."

Patrick has said it isnt coming this year.
"In November 2017, at a signing of the 10th anniversary edition of The Name of the Wind in Vancouver, Rothfuss reportedly ruled-out 2018 as a release date, but indicated 2019 was a possibility"

Julia Thanks, that's good to know! I had no idea about the tv series/movie! That sounds awesome!

I knew there had to be *some* reason for the sudden hype! LOL

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The Angry Lawn Gnome It is not coming out in 2018. It is not coming out in 2019. I doubt we'll see it in 2020. March 1, 2021, will be ten years since the publication of A Wise Man's Fear. Perhaps he can shoot for that?

edit: Though if Donald Trump gets re-elected, even that 2021 date probably won't happen. Rothfuss went on a year long pout after the 2016 election after all.

Julia Oh boy... luckily I have lots of books to read while I wait, and I still need to finish book one!

Chris C I've kind of given up on the whole book 3 thing, and have doubts it will live up to expectations after this much time if it ever even comes out. Rothfuss has every right to take all the time he wants to write the book and I respect that, but I have every right to be a disappointed fan as well. I've mentally developed my own ending to the two part series and settled things for Kvothe nicely in my own head. :)

Jason Schmidt I'm not that worried about book 3. Having done some writing myself, I know that sometimes it can be complicated. I got stuck for almost a year because I wrote a part of my series that was very important and involved some deaths, but I didn't like it. I stewed on it for a long time before figuring out how I wanted to address it. For a world as complicated as his, or George RR Martin, I'm guessing these sorts of issues probably come up for them a lot.

Also, the story to me feels like it will be summing up how Kvothe got to where he is currently, owning the Inn. My guess would be there's going to have to be another series to continue the story from his present. I'd rather he take his time and get it right.

Julia Jason wrote: "I'm not that worried about book 3. Having done some writing myself, I know that sometimes it can be complicated. I got stuck for almost a year because I wrote a part of my series that was very impo..."

I agree. I have LOTS to read while I waiting, and I'm sure I will want to re-read books 1 and 2 a few times again anyways before book 3.

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