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Hannah Dromey Good Read
May 15,2018
Hannah Dromey

Fifteen Dogs by Andre Alexis.

1. Fifteen dogs is about a bunch of dogs who were randomly together in a shelter. While they were there, the Greek gods Hermes and Apollo, were having a debate about if dogs would be happier or more successful than people if they could think like humans. So the Gods gave the dogs intelligence to see what would happen. The dogs escaped and formed a pack. Inside the pack they basically got along for awhile but they struggled to decide on a leader. Some of them became viciously violent with each-other, and about half the dogs were killed by one of the other pack members for various reasons. The dog who did the best was Majnoun. He almost died when he was attacked by a few of the other dogs, but he was found by a nice couple and nursed back to his health. Then the wife of the couple figured out Majnoon could talk and they became friends. In the end, none of the dogs except Majnoon died happy.

2. I could relate a little bit to the story because I have a dog and sometimes it’s easy to figure out what she is thinking, like she wants what I’m eating or wants to go out or get petted. I liked the character of the woman who cared for Majnoon. Her husband did not believe Majnoon could talk, that she was crazy to think it, so she kept it to herself. It was incredibly sad when she and her husband left Majnoon to go on vacation together, and a car accident happened that killed them both. Majnoon didn’t know what happened, so he kept coming back at the same time everyday hoping to see the woman. Even after the house was sold by the relatives.

3. I liked the book. The dog’s personalities seemed very real, like when they were afraid of being found, and the way they guarded their den in the park. But I did not like how they were vicious with each-other, biting each-other to try and dominate. Atticus was the dog who wanted to lead the pack, so he talked a couple of other dogs into killing a couple of the other dogs to get what they wanted. It was horrible to read, especially when the friend of the dog who got killed tried to hurry back to the pack to tell the others, but then they killed her too. I liked the human characters too, most of them were kind but the book talked about how the dogs did not trust humans because some of them would kick a dog for no reason. I didn’t like how casual the Gods were about interfering with things in the human world.

4. I actually would recommend this book to another person, a person who likes dogs. Like the trainer who does dog socialization classes in American Fork on Saturdays. We take our dog and there are all these dogs together in an enclosed area, running around and sniffing each-other. The trainer is very good and I think she would like it. I think you have to like dogs to like this book.

5. I read the whole book.

Shandi Pattison I adored this book! It was a fantastic break from the mundane rut of the mystery/thriller genre I often find myself stuck in. It’s a mixture of Greek mythology, fantasy, animal fiction, romance; all masterfully pieced together (somehow). I recommend it to people who either love animals and/or those who consistently wonder about what it actually means to be human. Adore!

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