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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Romance Novel - Summer romance where hero dies. [s]

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Sophie | 4 comments I read this book a while back, but i remember that it's set in the past and present. The heroine is now a divorced mum and has returned to the town she met the love of her life in. When she young, she was from out of town and had a boyfriend back home she was on the rocks with, she came to stay with her friend/cousin? in a seaside town, she meets a mysterious guy (hero) at a party and they eventually start a romance. She works in the lollyshop/milkshake bar for a summer job from memory. The relationship is fairly turbulent and she ends up leaving without them ever expressing their real emotions. She ends up getting a phone call from the hero telling her he loves her and that he's coming to see her, she waits and waits, but he never comes (he died in a car crash). The books is basically her reflecting on the past and she has visions of him as she revisits the memories. Hope someone can help and I wasn't too vague.

The Reading Raccoon (readingraccoon) | 145 comments Could it be Deeper
Everything is similar to what you described except her "visions" of him are pretty realistic and he drowned instead of a car accident

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Sophie | 4 comments Oh my goodness, I think that might be it! It was a while ago that I read it, so I only had a vague memory of what happened. But thank you so much for sharing and figuring it out!

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