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Austin (animedude) | 51 comments What a boring day thought Max. He had nothing to do besides get bore. there was nothing to do his dragons were still asleep and he had nothing to do besides throwing or shooting things at the straw dummy he had made. Then he set his training dummy on fire cuz he was bored. So Max decided to climb a tree to see what else there was around him because he got lost looking for his friend's house. Just when he thinks that there isn't anything around but trees he spots a house or cottage and knows he will be going there as their next destination, but Max has to wait for his dragons to wake up until then he has nothing to do but wait.

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Austin (animedude) | 51 comments After Max's dragons were up and ate they went to the house or cottage he saw. When all a sudden he bumped into a dragon. but Max didn't kill it cuz he likes dragons. The dragons looked hungry so he gave it the cooked bird he was holding and then tripped over a tree root.

Two Hours later

"Finally there" mumbles Max who was covered in mud and dirt.

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Austin (animedude) | 51 comments Just before Max knocked on the door he thought it might be rude to wake someone up at 8:30 in the morning when he remembered the day he got his dragons. It was funny when he went in and three dragons bit his hand and then he couldn't chose between breeder and rider so the haddrak lets him be both cuz Max was taking 15 minutes to decide which he wanted to be.

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Austin (animedude) | 51 comments 30 minutes later

Max dicide he should knock on the door which he did but nobody anwsered so he turned around and came face to face with a girl. Max jumped back suprised sword drawn when she said she was no harm. Then she introduce herself as Cyra Silvermist holding out her hand, then Max said"I'm Max"shaking her hand.

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