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message 1: by Billy (new)

Billy Helston (helston) | 25 comments Completed book on Crippen. Enjoyed the research. Just one niggling nugget remains:
Dr Crippen had lived in Goldfield, Nevada, prior
to going to London and in the famous gold camp had
mining property. There he was accused of killing his
partner, but a friendly jury freed him.
Only one source for this so it's likely the article is at best embroidered.
Dr Crippen was still resident in Salt Lake, May 1892. So if he met and married Cora in New York it was a hurricane romance! and a lie.
Just one more curiosity, where was Myron, Dr Crippen's father in 1891? Ardessa lived on her own at salt Lake and made a living dressmaking.Where was Myron?
Two irritating nuggets ... I'll keep digging - can always add the information later if I do publish now.

message 2: by Zoe (new)

Zoe Radley | 558 comments Wow I am intrigued on what you have uncovered sounds fascinating

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