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Oriental Silk Rug

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Rex rugs
Rexrugs provides over 500,000 sq.ft. high-end vintage oriental handmade silk rugs, hand woven antique Persian rugs, Turkish carpets and wool carpets for any interior place.

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Rex rugs
As we all know, Persian carpets own a very long history in carpet weaving in the world. In addition to its local cultures, special traditions and the diversity of regional features, all these endow Persian carpets unique lasting charm until today. Among all kinds of handmade carpets and rugs, Persian silk carpets stand out for the most intricate design and valuable potential. Because Persian carpets and rugs with silk material allow more knots per square inch to be tied to give a clearer pattern with more vivid details. Usually oriental hand knotted Persian silk carpets and rugs are visible with tassels or fringes at the end of the carpet, that’s a very distinctive difference from machine-made carpets we all tell.

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Rex rugs Handmade Carpets – Nowadays, we can see that almost every family has at least one piece of carpet at home, so we can imagine the influence of carpets culture. In early India, Turkey, and Egypt, the handmade rug and carpet was basically a symbol of the status of aristocrats which often appears in the records of the property and heritage of the European royal aristocrats

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Rex rugs
Oriental Rugs – Oriental Carpets and Oriental Area Rugs have become highly appreciated throughout the world as the work of art and also been the gold standard in floor covering everywhere from nomadic huts to grand palaces for thousands of years.

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