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Being in the witness protection program there are those who are always want to kill you.

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Greg growled, he looked around the house, it was empty; "Where is she?!!"

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Greg threw the house apart, trying to locate her; "Come out come out wherever you are." he sneered, flipping furniture and tearing open doors.

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He looked to the ground, he saw a very small trail of blood leading out of the house; he sneered, "Perfect..." A grimacing smile came across his face as he made it out of the house, his head low as he followed the small path. He made it to a dumpster, where the trail started; he had a feeling that the scared child was there.

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Greg saw the feet of a trembling girl, and sighed, "Well... I guess she's not here..." He turned and slowly walked away, then stopped beside the wall, hidden from her, and waited.

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((hey Fiamata))

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((I'm sick... *cough* *sneeze* *cough* *wheeze*))

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Greg turned on his heel around the corner and grabbed Sarah, "Gotcha you little bitch."

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Greg grabbed his crotch, falling to his knees in pain; he cused very loudly.

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Greg moved slowly after her, looking around in the streets.

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Greg heard her screams, and smiled, "Idiot girl..." he moved to the sound, but saw that she had raised awareness of others, forcing him to retreat.

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Greg saw her, he needed to keep an eye on her.

((I'm sorry, I'm leaving this group soon, after I kill my character in the HS RP))

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