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Andrea Hintz | 29 comments Book reviewers wanted for new type of spy novel!

When intelligent and independent Faith Evans, a twenty-one year old secret agent, is assigned to live in a rural town undercover, she must try to keep the citizens at arms length in order to protect them. But it proves to be more difficult than expected when the townspeople have a sense of normality and kinship that Faith has been craving after a recently failed mission damaged her thrill-seeking and courageous personality.

Faith (codename Felix) works for a secret agency that takes on impossible cases that the FBI cannot solve. A few months earlier, she had a traumatic experience that is resulting in her doubting her career choice and future. She has recently been sent to an extremely rural town called Toselville; playing the part of a young nature photographer. Her mission is to find the middle aged son of an elderly couple who used to work as weapons designers for the United States government. As time goes on, she befriends Ashton Mathis, the owner of the only grocery shop in town, along with other friendly shop and restaurant owners who work in the heart of the town. Ashton instantly becomes enamored with Felix's beauty and kindness she shows towards them and he begins to pursue her while she is in the midst of working on an incredibly dangerous mission. Faith’s partner, Wolf, warns her against getting too close with people who are not associated with the mission. But when Faith accidentally takes things too far with Ashton, not only does she endanger herself, but she endangers all of the people she has come to love.

Book Title: Perception and Deception

This is the first book in an upcoming series. Kindle and PDF formats available. Please reply to this post, send me a message, or email me at to get a free copy. Would like reviews on Goodreads, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble if you have accounts, but whatever you have available works just fine! Deadline preferred is one month after retrieving the book, but am super flexible and understand how busy people get.

Link to the Book:

message 2: by Katherine (new)

Katherine Bacher (katherinebacher) | 1 comments Hello, Andrea! I would be interested in reading your book. (I love spy novels.) If this offer is still available, I'm willing to read in exchange for an honest review.

Please either message me, or email me at

Thank you,
Katherine Bacher

Andrea Hintz | 29 comments Hey, thank you for the comment! People often ask me why my protagonists are so young yet so accomplished beyond their years. I believe in and encourage the advanced capabilities of young people in our society and want to provide amazing role models for my readers. I graduated from high school myself at the age of thirteen and started college immediately afterwards, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree and eleven Associate degrees by the time I was seventeen, so I know that anything is possible at any age. I appreciate the feedback and will be sure to consider it in my synopsis. :)

message 4: by Thomas (new)

Thomas J. (chieftom) | 25 comments Andrea,
I like your protagonist idea. I followed a somewhat similar path in the Christie Cole trilogy--an undercover FBI agent investigating crimes of a major impact. Voices in the Fog, Arrows of Allah (novel of the year by Texas Authors), and now the newest, The Spy Among us.

Andrea Hintz | 29 comments Hey, that is super, super awesome!!! It is great to meet another FBI agent author! I really enjoy writing about the missions and creating cool characters. Great website!!! I wish you the best of luck in all of your writing endeavors! I saw on your profile that you are a retired police chief. I bet your experience in law enforcement provides for well researched plots and fascinating characters. How did you get your books published? I am always interested in hearing about other authors' writing journeys!

Happy reading!

message 6: by Thomas (new)

Thomas J. (chieftom) | 25 comments Indeed, by work experience was a huge help in story development, but I added tons of research. First, of course, the WWW. Second, I traveled to all the places that I selected for my books storyline locale...spending a few days to weeks on the ground gives great insight to develop the "feel" for the story.
Third, "Contacts." I made and developed contacts in key positions in various covert fields.
Then, one thing leads to another.
Publishing? Trial and error. Sold movie rights to Color of the Prism but they never made the film. Got lots of reject letters, and finally settled-in with Dog Ear Publishing. They did fantastic work and have been a huge help.

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