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Allison I would give this book 5 out of 5 stars.

This book is one of the most interesting books I have ever read. I was amazed at how the author was able to relate so much history to a fictional story. The book very easily captured my attention because of the obvious research and time out into each and every aspect of it. There was a lot of religious symbology within the “Path of Illumination” that they were following to find the missing cardinals, that was very interesting to me. Another thing that was very impressive to me was the countless references to art. There were many nods to Bernini, as well as many other very well-known artists.

I think that the characters were very well developed. In almost every character that you met, you learned about their upbringing, and why they were in the position that they were in at that time. I would have liked to see more development of some of the more minor characters like Glick or the Hassassin. They were not necessarily minor in the sense of their impact on the storyline, but how often they showed up in the book. One relationship that I think was very well developed in this story was Robert and Vittoria’s. I think the author did a very good job capturing the bond between them because of everything that they experienced together, even though it was in such a short amount of time. Another relationship that I thought Brown did a phenomenal job with was the relationship between a child and their father. Throughout the story, through both Vittoria and the camerlengo, the author emphasized the importance of a father-figure in someone’s life, even if that person may not be their biological father.

One final thing that I really enjoyed about the book was the constant suspense you were in to know what was going to happen next. You never knew for sure how anything was going to turn out. I liked how they developed certain characters, like Kohler, and built your trust that they were working with Langdon and Vittoria, just to turn around and prove that it was almost the exact opposite. I think that this helped built the suspense of the storyline. And, although it may sound morbid, I thought it was beneficial to let some characters die, like the cardinals or Olivetti. This too adds to the suspense of the story, because you realize that it is not going to be a book where all of the “good guys” survive.

One thing that I could’ve definitely done without in this book is some of the overwhelming details. Some parts of the story seemed to be very overly drawn out with unnecessary details of the archives, or the drive to the next church.

In conclusion, I would highly recommend his book to readers who are history enthusiasts, art enthusiasts, or even just the reader who likes an action-packed story.

Paolina Daniele Dan Brown is Amazing. Usless to say he's my favorite writer...he's a Real artist. I have read Angels&demons. I Think is very beautiful book. The plot captured my attention immediatly and fixed my mind until the end. But, it's tre, in some parte of storytale He is very prolix.

Shadia Tendo This is forever going to be my best book, I just loved the suspense and the way events happened, I've read it more than thrice but I can't get enough!! For people who love science and religion #Angels and Demons is a good compilation.

Cynthia Williams Angels and Demons was the first Dan Brown book I read. I must say it is the best of all of the Robert Langdon books ( I have not read the latest so this comment is subject to change). It caught me early in the book and had me till the last page. I still think it should have been the very first to go to the big screen. I enjoyed it much more than Da Vinci Code, which I loved as well, just not as much.

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