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Solo: A Star Wars Story Discussion [FULL SPOILERS!!!]

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message 1: by Kate (last edited May 23, 2018 07:07PM) (new)

Kate (kgskocelas) | 581 comments Mod
What did you think of Solo: A Star Wars Story? How did it stack up compared to other Star Wars movies, tv shows, books, comics, etc?

This discussion is FULL SPOILERS for all Star Wars movies!

message 2: by Francis (new)

Francis | 134 comments Just home from the cinema, my instant reaction is that I loved Solo. I always try to watch the new Star Wars movies in the same spirit as I watched the original trilogy when I was little, and I have to admit I'm never disappointed.

Alden Ehrenreich is not Harrison Ford, but for me he was Han Solo. Donald Glover oozed charisma as Lando. Chewie was great. I was bit disappointed with Emilia Clarke's Qi'ra, I thought she lacked real weight as a character for most of the film, although I did like her power grab at the end, and her conversation with Maul made me excited for a continuation of her story. I would have loved more of Val, I think Thandie Newton did a great job, and deserved more screen time.
Paul Bettany was a really threatening villain as Dryden Vos and he added the right amount of tension an threat. Woody Harrelson as Becket worked best for me when he was in action, he portrayed the role of a leader well, and for me Han's desire to follow him was justified.

Episode IV shows us Han as a scoundrel amongst the selfless rebels and how he is a reluctant hero, now Solo shows us how he contrasts to the morally ambiguous, or down right evil gangsters. Seeing how the underworld is entangled in the Empires corruption was a great way to see how Han is fundamentally a reluctant hero, and that he has a strong moral compass which always stops him acting selfishly even when he is trying his best to.

I'm not sure how I feel about Han's interaction with Enfys Nest and her group of rebels, I need to know more about Nest's backstory, which I guess is great as in shows I found her an intriguing character, but I can't decide if Han helping them makes total sense given his reluctance to get involved with the rebels in Episode IV as there seemed to be no downside for him here.

I will be going back to see Solo again, and I'm really glad we have this story.

message 3: by kaitlphere (new)

kaitlphere | 235 comments Mod
I have been very hesitant about these large-universe spin-off story, like Rogue One and Solo, as well as Fantastic Beasts in the Harry Potter universe. I have yet to be disappointed, so I just need to quash my prejudice at this point. These universes are so BIG, both in size and in fan adoration, that I am continually nervous that new creators will either not put enough effort into it, expecting anything in that franchise will succeed, or otherwise try to make it their own unique thing and get too far away from the source material and tone.

I think Ron Howard and the many writers did a great job with creating a Han Solo story and introducing Star Wars-worthy complex characters (not that Luke or "Old Ben" are terribly complex in episode IV). I am still on the edge regarding Alden Ehrenreich's Han Solo. Harrison Ford's Han was gruff and largely untrusting, while Alden's is excited and optimistic. I think it's going to take a lot of unfortunate events and pain in the coming movies to take transition the character from Alden's Han to Harrison's Han.

In regards to Han's Pilot Story in this movie, we see the same trope that the hero happens to just be good at what they're trying to do without proper training, but then again I think the creators did a great job at making him not TOO good at it. His flying successes include a not-small amount of luck. I also completely buy that he thinks he's a great pilot, but he's obviously not...that tracks with what we know of his ego and flying abilities in Episodes IV-VI.

I really like that the force hasn't factored in yet. We've had a lot of force-oriented stories, and do like seeing more of the world outside the Force Family, including how other people handle this vast space universe. I also very much loved L3 and the close relationship she had with Lando. I have often wondered about how complex droid consciousness can be, and Rogue One and Solo have both given fans a lot of insight on that topic. (I haven't read many of the novels, which may cover this more.)

Overall, I like the character of Qi'ra and her storyline. I want to learn more about what "the things she's done" was referring to, and if we do find out, I hope they are actually truly awful and at least partially her own choice. That sounds bad, but if it's something simple or easily understandable or out of her control, I think that would cheapen the character.

The inclusion of Maul makes me want to watch the animated series that covers his character in more depth. I felt like he wasn't Vader-level evil in the prequels, so I feel like his hold on some of these characters is unjustified right now.

message 4: by Daniel (new)

Daniel | 265 comments I really enjoyed the movie.
It's not perfect, but very enjoyable and a nice addition to the Star Wars canon.
I have a few minor complains, but the cast was fantastic, the cinematography, set/costume design and VFX keep raising the bar on these movies.

Had this movie not been a STAR WARS story i think it would be just an average movie.

I do enjoy how much discussion this will add to may conversations.

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