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(picture, if any)

>Name ||

>Age ||

>Personality ||

>Other/Background ||

>*Ranking ||

*By that I mean are you in the WPP, or are you the hunter/killer.

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[image error]

>Name ||Karina

>Age ||16

>Personality ||happy,cheerful,fun

>Other/Background ||when she was younger she watched her family tortured and killed. She was barely able to escape with her life

>Ranking || WPP

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[image error]

>Name || Gregory Phitts

>Age || 27

>Personality || rough and evil

>Other/Background || killed Karina's family, and is after her now.

>*Ranking || killer/torturer

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yep! I hope you don't mind...

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evangeline (EvangelineRose) What the heck does WPP mean?

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Fwit well produced production???

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Fwit wuzzat mean?

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Fwit ohhhhhhhh

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Fwit meeeeebbe lol
i'll think about it

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