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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Fantasy (YA?). Man on motorcycle heading to lake house meets woman in jeep at general store near lake, looking for a different lake house where she's staying. He offers to lead her there. While driving, road vanishes & they crash in woods. [s]

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Ted Bos (teddb) | 2 comments Fantasy (Possibly YA). Read in 1978/1979. USA.
Book Cover: Illustrated. Forest (setting). Castle under transparent dome (background). Man on motorcycle, woman in Jeep, no road (foreground).

A man on a motorcycle heading to a lake house in the woods meets a woman in a jeep at the general store near the lake. She is looking for directions to a lake house where she is going to stay. He offers to lead her there and she follows. While driving the road vanishes and they crash in the woods.

I am not sure what someone might consider a spoiler so I will put most of this below.


Man and woman have gone through an intermittent portal between worlds. I believe that it is described as a bermuda triangle-like area (speculating that there are multiple areas like this in the world). They meet other people that have stumbled through the portal before them. Later, they meet humanoid being that are from that world. The beings offer to let them stay in their city. The caveat is that once you eat their food, you will be stuck there and/or change from pure human. I think there is a Golden Apple offered as well. I do not remember if they took the offer, stayed human, or found the portal back out again.
Remember, this was about forty years ago and the details may be slightly off. I have been looking for this book title for about thirty-five of those years; since I wanted to read it again but did not remember the title.

Ann aka Iftcan (iftcan) | 6967 comments Mod
Here Abide Monsters by Andre Norton (Easy peasy one for me, since I own at least one copy of almost everything that Ms. Norton ever wrote.)

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Ted Bos (teddb) | 2 comments That is it! I cannot believe you had the answer so quickly. Also, I cannot believe that I didn’t figure that out myself. I love Andre Norton. The Dragoon Pard is one of my favorite novels. And I have read the Central Control, Crosstime, and Forerunner series multiple times. Thank you.

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