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Karen | 294 comments Animal walk on all fours, the victim of a major industrial disaster, and this novel tells us his story and those of the other residents of this damaged town.

This is a powerful book that I am glad I have read. It has an innovative use of language and the plot is interesting.

However, I found it easy to put the book down and was not strongly compelled to pick it back up again. I enjoyed it a lot more when I had the time to sit and read large chunks of it in one go.

Diane  | 2051 comments Rating: 4 Stars

This is a story about a young man who develops a twisted spine due to chemicals released in an industrial accident. As a result, he is forced to walk on all fours, thus being called "Animal". This is based on the Bhopal Disaster in India.

Initially, I was off-put by the harsh language. I had to remind myself that the main character was raised on the street and this was essential for his character development and not gratuitous. This either improved or I got used to it, since it bothered me less as the book progressed.

Overall, a powerful story. I am glad to have finally read it.

Gail (gailifer) | 1534 comments Ratings 4 stars:
Our narrator is a young man who has been deformed by an industrial chemical catastrophe who walks on all fours and is called ‘Animal’. The story revolves around activism and the nature of trust in an age where a little bit of neglect and greed can have devastating consequences for a whole community. The language and writing style is unique and effective although it took me a bit to get past the crude and profane nature of it. However, I found the crudeness and the profanity to be appropriate to the conditions described. I was both put off by and embraced the main character and narrator because he was true to the harsh conditions and yet cared deeply about many of the other characters. In some ways this story is a love story where the hero does not get the girl but does get some sense of peace. The writer’s ability to paint the scenes and details of life in an Indian slum are remarkable. It kept me coming back as it probed what exactly it means to be a human being when humans are so inhumane.

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