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Jurassic Park (Jurassic Park, #1)
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Jurassic Park

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Luke Elliott (luminousluke) | 150 comments Mod
One of the greatest adaptations of all time?

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Luke Elliott (luminousluke) | 150 comments Mod
Our reaction to the first and second iterations is out now on Ink to Film! Our 8-year-old selves are loving this.

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Luke Elliott (luminousluke) | 150 comments Mod
3rd and 4th iterations this week on Ink to Film!

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Luke Elliott (luminousluke) | 150 comments Mod
Author Emily Suvada joins us this week on Ink to Film to finish out the novel, which is one of her all time favorites!

message 5: by Amanda (new)

Amanda Van Parys (mandalaaxo) | 31 comments I checked out Emily's book This Mortal Coil from this podcast and I loved it!! Great read!

James | 3 comments Mod
Wow! That's so great to hear Amanda. Thank you for listening!

Vanessa Townley (Killertomes) (killtocraft) | 3 comments Hello, New fan and listener of the podcast I started strong with my favourite book and movie adaptation! This was awesome to listen to and both are exceptionally great and entertaining!
In response to James about the "resurrection" of Ian Malcom and it seems to be a hugely controversial discussion with readers of book 1 and 2. I'm part way through The Lost World but it did stand out at the beginning when he's back! Then recalling book one and how vague they were about him being dead, I took it that they left him behind because he was so unresponsive and the urgency to leave the island meant they were neglectful to check. Especially with the body language when he shrugged to say he werent sure if they were alive or dead.
I actually like that he's back and that this makes you question the last book again it keeps them more closely tied together.
I'm loving book 2 so far are you thinking of doing The Lost World?!

James | 3 comments Mod
Thanks for listening to the episode Vanessa!

Ian Malcolm is such an fascinating character so personally I'm happy Crichton made the decision to keep it vague enough for him to return in the sequel.

Also stay tuned because we're absolutely going to be covering The Lost World at some point in the near future.

Vanessa Townley (Killertomes) (killtocraft) | 3 comments I love Ian Malcolm's character he's always ready to prove his theory on chaos is correct! To the bitter end haha.

I'm so glad to hear this and by then I'll be ready to listen to more thrilling Dinosaur fueled analysis! Although I'd ready for dinosaurs everyday!

I'm also reading the Making of The Lost World with how it came together, it's really good and lots of cool behind the scenes photos of how the dinosaurs were created and sadly it wasn't through DNA extraction!! 😂

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