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Pamela | 88 comments Hi Kim! This is my first time doing this challenge and I'm kind of excited! :) We don't have many books in common, but I saw some Colleen Hoover books on your tbr. Maybe we could choose one of hers? But I'm open for other suggestions :)

Kim❤ Book Lover (kimmicita1218) | 8 comments Hi!! I'm new to all of this, so sorry about the delay. I'm still trying to figure out how to navigate through GR 😏 but I'm excited too. Colleen Hoover works for me. I know I have a few in my TBR folder but nothing is set in stone. I'm just trying to broaden my reading. So suggest away.

Pamela | 88 comments Don't worry, Kim! We still have a week to figure out what we want to read!
Suggest away - I can do that :)
Here are a few from my tbr:
Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover Ugly Love
Red Queen (Red Queen, #1) by Victoria Aveyard Red Queen
Three Blind Dates (Dating by Numbers, #1) by Meghan Quinn Three Blind Dates
Are you interested in one of those? If not maybe just post a few you would like to get to soon.

Kim❤ Book Lover (kimmicita1218) | 8 comments Well I don't even know how you managed to show the books with links like that. Apparently I have a lot to learn lol. Ugly Love sounds promising, I would be up for that one 😊

Pamela | 88 comments Great! I'll post it in the buddy reads threat then

Pamela | 88 comments The links you can add by clicking the "add book/author" link above of the comment field.
Other useful stuff you can find clicking "some html is ok"

Pamela | 88 comments How do you want to do this?
We could either read at our own pace and make comments using spoiler tags (if you don't know how this works you can also find it in "some html is ok") or we could define weekly goals so that we are finished by the end of the month. I think I would prefer the first option, but I'm up for option 2 as well if this works better for you

Kim❤ Book Lover (kimmicita1218) | 8 comments So I just had to ask my son , to explain your explanation about the links lol. We are assuming that is something that can only be done on the computer. So I'll be trying that out later. 👍

Kim❤ Book Lover (kimmicita1218) | 8 comments I'm flexible being this is my first time around, I don't have a preference. So first options works for me too. I'll try to get better at this as we go.

Pamela | 88 comments Don't worry, it's far less complicated than it may sound.
Maybe it doesn't work with the app. I'm using gr via browser on my phone since I'm not really fond of the app. If you choose to try this as well, I recommend the desktop version (you should be able to select it in your browser settings), it's far better than the mobile one in my opinion.

Kim❤ Book Lover (kimmicita1218) | 8 comments Thank you, I think I will. There seems to be many restrictions with the app.

Kim❤ Book Lover (kimmicita1218) | 8 comments Hi, finally started reading today, I'm only 9 chapters in but Im definitely enjoying it.

Pamela | 88 comments Yey! I didn't get to start yet, but I plan to within the next couple of days!

Pamela | 88 comments I finally started yesterday. I'm at chapter 17 and I like it so far. I'm not really fond of the flashbacks. I think mainly because the writing is so weird.
I read a review that said it was totally obvious what would happen, but so far I don't see it. Do you? Chapter sixteen:(view spoiler)

Pamela | 88 comments Nearly finished :) a lot faster than I expected ;)

Pamela | 88 comments Finished! :) I liked it, but I didn't love it.

Kim❤ Book Lover (kimmicita1218) | 8 comments Hi, I'm back.. sorry my dad was in the hospital and I barely had time to think. Let alone anything else, by the time I got home. He is better now and was finally discharged yesterday. So I got to finish the book. I enjoyed it, I liked the depth behind the ugly love meaning or maybe it made so much sense cause I have had an emotional few weeks. I didn't love it, but it surprised me and it kept me wanting to find out what had happened to Miles.

Pamela | 88 comments Glad your dad is better!
I have to say that I wasn't that invested in the story. Maybe because the flashbacks from Miles' pov were so weird when it comes to the writing. I still cried when the accident happened...
I could relate to Tate most of the time. I read a review a few weeks ago where someone stated that Tate was a doormat, but I didn't see it that way. She just had hope.

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