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~KarenH~ | 8283 comments **

Samantha (sammycataspires) | 97 comments I just figured this out. still new to this. plus a few other people named Samantha on good reads haha was hard to find this one.

Samantha (sammycataspires) | 97 comments Hope you don't mind Kate but I looked on your to read shelf and found some interesting books.

fat cat liar by ahren Sanders
sheltered by alexa Riley
completely captivated by a.d. justice
coming in handy by emilia Beaumont

those are a few that weren't serious that sounded good and had good ratings. But I'm open to another comedy or contemporary romance that isn't a series if none of those seem right.

message 4: by Kate (new) - added it

Kate | 15 comments Hey Samantha!

I looked at your suggestions and I’m okay with any of them! But to narrow it down, how about either Sheltered or Coming in Handy? You choose!

Samantha (sammycataspires) | 97 comments So I looked at the ratings to further help the decision. and although coming in handy had higher ratings it does have far less then sheltered. So overall I think sheltered is properly rated. So sheltered is what I think we should go with.

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Kate | 15 comments Okay, sounds good to me! I look forward to reading Sheltered

Samantha (sammycataspires) | 97 comments me too. So how should we do this? I was kinda thinking we could read a set amount of chapters a week in June and discuss them. But I'm new to this. So I'm open to ideas. I can't wait to start!

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Kate | 15 comments This is my first buddy read too!

That sounds like a good plan. There are about 31 chapters, including the prologue and the three epilogues. So if we read about 7-8 chapters each week in June, that would work out.

Samantha (sammycataspires) | 97 comments ok that's sounds good to me. the first 7 in first week and then 8 each week after. makes it easier to keep track of. I look forward to June to start. I always get excited to discuss a good book but never have anyone to talk about it with.

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Kate | 15 comments Okay, sounds good!

Same here! I’ve read so many that have really effected me or stayed with me long after reading and I wish I had had someone to talk to it about. This buddy read will be really great! I’m excited

Samantha (sammycataspires) | 97 comments awesome!

yes. some books just stay with you. let's hope this is one of them.

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Kate | 15 comments Do you want to set a certain day we talk about the chapters? Or just whenever one of us finishes, we make a post?

Samantha (sammycataspires) | 97 comments well we can start June 1st (since it's June read) which is a Friday. and then wet can discuss every Friday after our allotted chapters. So first is 7 chapters so June 8th can discuss those then after that discuss the 8 chapters for each week. if that's ok with you.

I have a bad memory and busy June so I was gonna keep like a log of notes to discuss on here for every week.

But of course if we want to post on here outside of each weekly check in then that's also okay.

it's just easier for me to have a solid plan for such a busy month. :)

Samantha (sammycataspires) | 97 comments woo. ready to start this book today!
good luck.
let's hope it's good. :)

Samantha (sammycataspires) | 97 comments Hey. So did you read the first few chapters? I finished them the other day. I'm pretty excited about this book. can't wait to read more.

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Kate | 15 comments Hey! Yes, I did finish the chapters!

Samantha (sammycataspires) | 97 comments yay! So what is your thought about it so far?

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Kate | 15 comments I’m enjoying it so far!

I’m enjoying the mystery of the unknown male who has inserted himself in Blair’s life, stalking her really. It’s interesting reading it from his POV without it really giving anything away about who he is, what he wants, and what he’s going to do

Samantha (sammycataspires) | 97 comments Oh yes. I agree. I'm loving his point of view. So much more exciting. I'm just so curious to hear his story and understand his obsession.

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Kate | 15 comments Exactly! I want to know his motivations behind it all and why Blair and why he has done what he has.

Plus, I want to know more about Johnny too and how he really plays into it all

Samantha (sammycataspires) | 97 comments yes! totally agree.

And i really like Johnny he seems sweet and loyal. But we all know looks can be deceiving.
And I figured her boyfriend was up to know good. I'd like to know a bit more about what dirty crap he has Blair tangled up in.

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Kate | 15 comments He does but you could see his guilt over some of his actions ordered from Ryker. It seems like Ryker planted Johnny in Blair’s life maybe to keep an eye on her.

Exactly! I want to know what Fritz is really up too. And what I don’t understand is Lilith told Blair that she could do better than Fritz and seemed genuine in the moment but then we find out she has been working with Fritz the entire time

Samantha (sammycataspires) | 97 comments yeah that was the same thing I was thinking. But I still think Johnny cares for Blair tho.

yeah i wasn't sure of how I felt about her boss until chapter 6 when things started unraveling a bit. I am curious to know more of the situation with those two.

And how is it that everyone but her can see that fritz is no good?
Maybe she has more problems from her childhood then she thought.
Maybe ryker is her answer?
I can't wait to find out.

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Kate | 15 comments She definitely is more sheltered and seems oblivious in a way to Fritz’s behavior, or maybe aware but she still wants to see the good in everyone so she gives him the benefit of the doubt. Of course, until she caught Lilith and Fritz together.

Samantha (sammycataspires) | 97 comments yeah I think her catching them will be a big wake up call and in the long run will be good for her.

this is really fun! So glad to have someone to discuss this with!

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Kate | 15 comments I can hardly restrain myself from finishing the book all in one sitting lol. I’m so glad I did this buddy read

Samantha (sammycataspires) | 97 comments I know right? I find having another book to read helps keep me at bay from finishing this one.
I took notes so I could keep track and I showed my husband and he wad like oh what happens next. I just said I don't know. And now he wants to know each week I'm finished. And he doesn't like these kind of books.

I'm really glad I did this too!

Samantha (sammycataspires) | 97 comments I just finished the new chapters. I ended at the end of chapter 14. lol

Samantha (sammycataspires) | 97 comments So much happened in just 8 chapters. the more I read the more it's clear we chose the right book. Lol

Samantha (sammycataspires) | 97 comments So missed you on catch up last week. Not sure if you're caught up but I just finished this weeks chapters as well up to the end of chapter 22.
Oh my goodness. Such a good book so far.
I understand if you're too busy and if you wanna just read at your own pace and come back at the end of the month and just discuss it then, then i am totally cool with that. :)

Samantha (sammycataspires) | 97 comments I finished the book. I really enjoyed reading it. so many things about it that made it a great romance for me.

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