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Samantha | 1381 comments Thanks for creating the thread for us!

Samantha | 1381 comments Kelsey, we have quite a few books in common. Let me check out your shelf.

Kelsey | 29 comments Sounds good!
This is my first buddy read, but I am up for anything.

Samantha | 1381 comments Ok so I was checking the ones that we had in common but they are on a shelf labeled "not in my library"...are they off the list?

Is there something specific you want to read?

Kelsey | 29 comments I’m fine with something that’s not at my library. I was trying to organize so I didn’t keep re-searching their catalogue...
Which ones from that list do we have in common?

Samantha | 1381 comments I am leaning towards Dark Protector by Celia Aaron Night After Night (Seductive Nights, #1) by Lauren Blakely Tonic by Staci Hart

Kelsey | 29 comments Tonic sounds good to me. I’ve really enjoyed some of Staci Hart’s books in the past. Dark Protector is my #2 vote.

Do you want to plan to start it June 1st? This is the only buddy read I have on my calendar so I am flexible.

Samantha | 1381 comments Haha. I had it reverse. Dark Protector first then Tonic to try.

We can do Tonic. Are we confirmed?

June 1st is fine with me.

Kelsey | 29 comments Have you read anything good lately you’d like to recommend?
I feel like most of my TBRs are recommendations these days. It definitely helps keep the really bad stuff off my kindle.

Samantha | 1381 comments Yoy want recs for this buddy read or just in general?

Kelsey | 29 comments I was asking for general recommendations.
I’m happy with either Tonic or Dark Protector to start our buddy read.

Samantha | 1381 comments Ok let's start with Tonic. If we finish early, we can do Dark Protector later on.

I will let the moderator know.

I will come back with some recs.

Samantha | 1381 comments What are you really into, Kelsey?

So some of the books that I really enjoyed have been....

Icing on the Cake (Wild Wedding, #2) by Ann Marie Walker Ready to Run (I Do, I Don't, #1) by Lauren Layne Runaway Groom (I Do, I Don't, #2) by Lauren Layne ...I really tend to like Lauren Layne books. Good, fun and humorous.

Captive Beauty by Natasha Knight Wrong to Need You (Forbidden Hearts, #2) by Alisha Rai When Dawn Breaks by Melissa Toppen An Ex for Christmas by Lauren Layne

my taste can go from humorous to sweet to dark. I like paranormal, historical romance, mysteries, etc. So I'm all over the place.

Kelsey | 29 comments Thanks!
I’ve been meaning to try Alisha Rai, but haven’t gotten around to it yet.
I like to read all genres. I tend to jump around until I find something I like, and then binge on the series or author. It’s been awhile since I read something that sent me down that worm hole though...
What’s appealing for me, more than the genre I guess, is the authors ability to character build. The books I like most the characters seem to stay with me, you know?

Samantha | 1381 comments Hi Kelsey! So when do you want to start? Do you want to go slower by chapters or just read and try to comment as we go along?

Kelsey | 29 comments Hello!
I am ready to start whenever. I think it would be fun to comment as we go. Maybe let’s read at our own pace, but stop somewhere close to 25%, 50% and 75% and wait for the other to catch up?

Samantha | 1381 comments Oh yeah I like that. I don't want to be confined or anything.

Kelsey | 29 comments How do you feel about their initial meeting? I’m somewhere in the 2nd chapter which is her POV.

Samantha | 1381 comments I didn't get a chance to start yet. I will this evening.

Is this solely her POV? or will we get both?

Samantha | 1381 comments I am in chapter 2 as well. He didn't hide his like for her. He came on pretty strong. I wonder how this is going to work out. The cameras will be rolling and catching all of that.

Kelsey | 29 comments Yeah, I thought he was pretty bold. A little to much insta-lust for me, which is why I was glad we were going to get some of her POV right away.

I’m a little worried about this ex-wife dynamic that’s seems to be getting set up...sounds like trouble.

Samantha | 1381 comments Very insta-lust. The brother and Lainey peeped it too. He wasn't cool at all.

I'm worried about the ex-wife too. I'm also worried about how she keeps telling Lainey she will produce him. Like she will handle him. I feel that will be a disaster for when they hook up. Lainey is giving me manipulator vibes so I can how this will play out. I feel like they will manipulate the drama with the ex.

Kelsey | 29 comments Oooh, I like that Annika called him out on the aggressive flirting and he actually listened! You don’t see that a lot.
Her description of him as “smarmy and hairy and thinks he’s hot shit” made me feel better too. I would have had the same first impression.
Thankfully, the panic that I’d regret choosing this book for us is lessening as I keep reading 😬

Samantha | 1381 comments Where are you at in the story? I am still on chapter 2. I didn't get to read further.

I'm hoping this is good. Too early to tell.

Kelsey | 29 comments No worries. I’m in chapter 3 somewhere (14%).

Samantha | 1381 comments Ok cool. Not too far behind. Lol.

Samantha | 1381 comments I liked how she told him about his behavior. She is a bit cold. I want to see how thee sparks fly with them. He has been through a lot. Wow. To watch your mom die is tough.

Kelsey | 29 comments I wonder if the age gap is going to be a thing... 12 years seems large if she is only 26.
I’m always curious how authors decide on these things. Annika’s appearance makes sense if she is 2nd generation Russian immigrant. Joel is supposed to be the opposite of what she usually goes for, which kinda explains the mountain man appearance.

I’m at 20% now. Will stop at 25%, so let me know when your ready to go on!

Samantha | 1381 comments I'm on chapter 6. I need to check to see what percentage that is. Lol.

I'm in lazy girl moment so I was just reading.

I was referring more to Annika's personality. She is a lot more warm around others. I chalk it up to her fighting the temptation. She is slowly unthawing.

Samantha | 1381 comments Chapter 6 is at 24%. I'm going to read that chapter and then stop.

I will be back so we can discuss this further.

I have to say this is the first Staci Hart book that I have read and I do like how easy going her writing is.

Samantha | 1381 comments I did finish chapter 6. That interview she conducted went left quickly. I knew that ex would be a problem.

I don't like Lainey. There will be problems there for sure.

Kelsey | 29 comments That’s where I’ve stopped as well.
I think you’re right that Lainey is going to push the ex-wife issue, and that will be the major conflict of the story.
I’m still not really seeing Annika and Joel’s attraction as anything but insta-lust... they’re described as kindred spirits but that feels like a easy way for the author to not have to character build.

Samantha | 1381 comments Well she is going to have to character build if we are going to buy the love aspect. I get that they both have the hots for one another. Hell, he has been so obvious. He doesn't hide it. She is always blushing and thinking things. But that is not love or romance.

The author has to dig in and build on something. So far, the only thing I get that they have in common is that the both love their families and they both like to read.

Kelsey | 29 comments I’m at 41% and sorely disappointed by the first sex scene 😖
How are you doing?

Samantha | 1381 comments Why were you disappointed? I was worried it was on the tv. Lol.

I dont like Lainey. I wish he could get out of this contract.

Kelsey | 29 comments I’m was so surprised that their first kiss escalated that quickly I couldn’t get into it. You’re right though, definitely better than it being caught on camera!

My first thought was it’s just like his relationship with his ex-wife. Just fight and fuck and not much more.

Are you at or past 50% now?

Samantha | 1381 comments Yes but I won't be able to read anymore tonight.

It was exactly like his situation with his ex wife.

Samantha | 1381 comments How are you holding up, Kelsey? Did you get further along in the book?

Kelsey | 29 comments I actually finished it last night. You?
I am still putting my thoughts together about the things i liked and didn't like about the story.
Overall I thought it was ok, 3-stars.

Samantha | 1381 comments Same here. Finished it. I will say it was about a 3 star rating. I will come back tomorrow with aome thoughst so we can discuss properly :)

Kelsey | 29 comments I am tempted to go back and read the Staci Hart books I remember enjoying to see if I was mis-remembering, or if this story was just a dud.
I mentioned early on that the instant-lust of Annika and Joel's first meeting wasn't enough for me to really buy into their attraction to each other. I think if the first sex scene was just a kiss, that might have helped slow it down so they could get to know each other before the relationship turned physical.
I enjoyed the middle of the book, where they were getting to know each other. The backstory with Annika's parents was cute, maybe slightly overdone, but highlighted the difference between her and Joel's family situation.
The drama towards the end revolving around the TV show seemed anti-climatic. I didn't see that Annika withholding the info about Hal's show warranted such a dramatic reaction from Joel and the shop. I also would have preferred Laney to remain the villain instead of trying to show that she really did care at the end.

It was an interesting story line that could have been really fun and sexy, but felt rushed and not fully developed to me.

Samantha | 1381 comments I agree with all of this. The Hal situation was blown up. You could tell because it was reseolved so easily. He even accepted Liz's apology so easily so why get mad.

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