Zenith (The Androma Saga, #1) Zenith question

Sasha and Lindsay's fans to the rescue/false #1 NYT Bestselling author status
Debby Debby May 23, 2018 10:52AM
I have noticed, as I am sure others have as well, the moment the rating for Zenith drops even slightly there is a massive rash of 4 and mostly 5 star reviews to bring the rating back up a little. If this book was purely rated based on true reviews and not biased fan/follower obsessed reviews the book would most likely be in the mid to low 2 star rating.

I am also not a fan of either author's deceitful promo of themselves stating they are both NYT #1 bestselling authors of Zenith. That rating was only for the e-book due to both of their social media followings, and not being out in the actual marketplace at bookstores, etc. Zenith did debut in the top ten for a very brief time when the hardcover came out, but it was never #1 and the authors promoting themselves as the hardcover was what got them that status is a lie and shame on both authors! They should clearly state that and not deceive fans and readers.

I definitely agree with most your points but Zenith was in fact number one bestselling YA Ebook..and I can understand that they might take that as an advantage for themselves and leave out the fact that it was only as an ebook..but I think all authors probably would.

Wasn't the ebook only like 60-100 pages long? To me, that shouldn't even count because that is the length of a kids book or novella. It wasn't even the whole book.

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