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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Name: Harrison Lancaster

Pirate Name: Grimm Reaper of the Sea

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Personality: On the outside he is the coldest most heartless bastards you could ever meet but on the inside he is a pretty decent guy. He is a caring guy and does try to show some kind of mercy to those who deserve it but it not often that he can show this side since he has to be a ruthless pirate captain. He is considered one of the most ruthless pirates of the sea for his time but deep down he is not that guy. He use to be a very well respected English man before he give up his life to being a pirate to save his best friend who he was in love with. But she never returned his feelings, so now he sails the seas living a pirate's life.

He is muscular from years of being a pirate and fighting. He is 6'2 and is a pretty built guy.

His Ship: The Reaper's Revenge


Name: Elise "Elias" Edwards

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Personality: Elise, or Elias as she likes to go by is a charming flirt. She could care less who it would be, be it boy or girl, if she gets something out of it then she's up for it. By no means is she a prostitute, she's more of a thief and specializes in close hand-to-hand combat. Besides her obviously boring life stealing shit, she's rather energetic and a tease, always loving a good challenge and having fun.

Elias has dressed as a boy for most of her life, so she's never really had chance to tap into her femininity. As a boy she's rather handsome, if you like the pretty boy type. She's rather tall as well, standing at around 5'7 or 5'8. Her body is more curvaceous than she'd like it to be, but that's bound by straps and bandages.

message 2: by Gemma (new)

Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments (Here is the last post from you and me)

"Hurt me more..." Elias says with a little smile, moving her face closer to capture the Reaper's lips in a kiss. "Abuse me. Bruise me. I like it rough, but you're much too gentlemanly and soft to do that, aren't you?" Elias taunts, poking her foot teasingly at the Reaper's member.

She tells him to hurt her more and leans up to capture his lips in a kiss. She tells him to abuse her, bruise her because she liked it rough but points out he's much too gentlemanly and soft to do that. He growls a bit as her foot teases his hard member. He leans down to nip at her skin and then takes her nipple into his mouth. He suck on it before biting it just enough to cause a little pain as his fingers stroke its twin.
"You are right about that, lass. I won't hurt you but I will be rougher if that is what brings you pleasure." He mumbles against her skin, nipping and bite to apply the right mixture of pleasure and pain.

message 3: by Alma (new)

Alma | 14 comments “Pathetic,” Elias says with a scorning smile as she pushes the Captain down, her hands going across his chest, exploring all over him. She didn’t really get a chance to touch him the way he did to her, and it frustrated her. So obviously, she wasn’t going to take it just like that.

“My sweet, how are you going to live if you are so gentle with a woman? No one will take a taste of you if you are so soft and bendable.....” Elias says softly into the Captain’s ear, kissing softly at his neck. Her legs wrap around his waist as she presses closer, the curves of her body meshing perfectly with his muscles.

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Harrison

She scorns him saying pathetic as she pushes him down, her hands going across his chest. She tells him how is he going to live if he is so gentle with a woman and no one will take a taste of him if he is so soft and bendable. He groans a little as her legs wrap around him and she presses her body close to his.

"I thought that is what all you lasses want. To be treated soft and gently." He say, gripping her ass with his hand pressing her closer. "Maybe it is just lasses like you that want a rough man."

message 5: by Alma (new)

Alma | 14 comments “Or maybe they’re just bored of you,” Elias taunts, her vibrant green eyes aflame with cruel amusement as she sinks herself down onto the Captain’s member. It’s so painful having something inside her but it feels so good; a moan escapes from Elias’s mouth and she presses herself against the Captain. She nuzzles her head into his neck and wraps her arms around him tightly, pushing herself in deep as she can go.

“You can move,” She says softly and leans back to begin kissing the Captain, the languorous romance between them not diminishing at all.

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Harrison

She taunts that maybe they are just bored of him. He groans as she sinks down onto him, her wet heat surrounding him. She moans a little herself and presses herself against him. Her face nuzzling into his neck as she wraps her arms around him. She presses herself down until they are flush together.

She tells him he can move and he growls against her lips a little. "Gladly." He grips her hips as he starts to guide her up and down his length, thrusting into her. One of his hand moving up into her long hair as he grips the back of her head, kissing her back deeply.

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Alma | 14 comments Elias
“I’m glad you’re so enthusiastic,,” Elias moans out and arches her back, and suddenly the weight makes them fall on the bed, Elias’s tall frame dwarfed by the Captain’s as he continues to thrust into her, her obscene moans falling off her tongue like rain drops.

She can feel the marks being made into her soft hips and she loves it, her mouth attaching to the Captain’s as she begins to kiss him passionately again.

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Harrison

She moans as he thrusts into her and he grips her hips with his hands as she kisses him passionately. He nip at her lips as he drives himself inside her soft supple body. After weeks of her teasing he finally was able to savor a taste of her.

His hand slips down over her butt and rubs one of her cheeks before he smacks it softly, not hard enough to really hurt but enough to have a flash of a sharp sting for a moment.

message 9: by Alma (new)

Alma | 14 comments ( sorry! I was sick!)
“Ah!” Elias groans out and fells the wetness leaking out and she’s in a messy state, haphazardly unclean and fatigued. She loves the feel of the Captain inside her, however, and she likes the taste of his lips.

“Again!” She cries out when he hits her, the pain electrifying the atmosphere and making her nipples erect with pleasure. The pain makes her rock harder against her Captain, lewd moans slipping out each time he thrusts inside.

message 10: by Gemma (new)

Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments (Aww sorry to hear that :( Hope you are feeling better!)

She groans and cries out again when he smacks her bottom. She rocks against him harder, more desperately as load moans escape her mouth with each thrust. He groans thinking they are the sweetest sound he had heard in months.

"As you wish lass." He growl softly and he kisses her deeply. His hand rubbing circles on her bottom before he gives it a firm smack again. Repeating the pattern as he thrust up into her.

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