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How would you describe a tesseract? Did it make sense to you while reading A Wrinkle in Time? We posted a video of someone explaining a tesseract. Did you watch it, and if so, did it help you understand what they are?

Would you like to travel via tesseract? Where would you go? Would you go to any of the worlds shown in this book?

Karen (karen1278) | 428 comments I would describe a tesseract as a slice of time that can be compared to a piece of paper being accordion pleated. And yes, when I read the book it made sense to me. I originally read the book many years ago and much later read that there was a possibility tesseracts could really exist. I watched the video and it does help to understand the 4th dimension as I'm not much of a mathmetician. NO I WOULD NOT WANT TO TRAVEL THIS WAY!! Space travel is definitely out for me.

Colleen | 101 comments I'm reading the book right now. I'm a very in the box thinker and I think it takes a whole lot of imagination to really grasp what is really going on.

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