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message 1: by Lauren (new)

Lauren | 2 comments Hi, I've written twelve chapters of a (much older than picture books but much younger than YA) children's book.
My idea/aim/hope is that it's engaging for children, say, around the ten or eleven years old bracket to read alone, but is also suitable content to be read to younger children who aren't reading big books independently yet.
Comparative style authors (if you'll forgive the sacrilege) would be Roald Dahl, maybe CS Lewis, Tom Fletcher and the like. Maybe even a touch of Milne or Michael Bond.
It follows two children (and their dog) who go to stay with a cousin and the adventures they get up to in the week.
It does feature a fantasy element, I'm a bit worried about how that comes across as there is quite a bit of the book beforehand where it doesn't feature, then suddenly it's the main part of the story. I figured it went okay for Matilda though?
I'm also a bit worried that I, personally, felt I had a really strong opening, but am concerned that I lost my voice a little along the way.
And of course, I'm plagued by the halfway curse of wondering if it's even engaging at all or if my story is dull. I will admit to it being a tad bit old fashioned maybe, and heavily influenced by my rural English lifestyle. I thought of it as charming before but am now worried it's dull.
I haven't done one of these before, and I'm sorry for rabbiting (most of the other ones I had a nosey at were far more compact!). I applaud you if you've got this far, and if you have why not give a go to reading the rest of my ramblings in book form?!
Thanks a lot in advance.

message 2: by Lauren (new)

Lauren | 2 comments Hi Tomi, a swap sounds like a great idea.
I don't mind sending you less for now if the twelve feels a bit big?
And we can keep going as we mosy along?
My email address is if you want to send yours along and I'll send you mine when you send your email!

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