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Heroic Leadership: Best Practices from a 450-Year-Old Company That Changed the World
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Hi all,
there's discussion in the convention group about picking up this book for a group read starting next week - not sure about coordinating things, but thought we could start a thread here, too, to connect to our goodreads shelves.

Heroic Leadership: Best Practices from a 450-Year-Old Company That Changed the World
Heroic Leadership Best Practices from a 450-Year-Old Company That Changed the World by Chris Lowney by Chris Lowney Chris Lowney

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Trice | 14 comments Mod
John K's proposed ground rules for this discussion:

1. Do the reading. If you didn’t read, you may listen to the discussion, but don’t comment yourself. If you read part of it, keep your comments to the part of the discussion pertaining to the part you read.
2. The primary goal is to understand what the author is saying. The secondary goal is to evaluate what we think about it and how it applies. Understanding comes before forming opinions.
3. Similarly since the goal is understanding, it is not about winning arguments. For you Platonists out there, it’s dialectic, not eristic. This is a free and disciplined exchange of ideas. People are allowed to run out an argument, even if it doesn’t end up working. People are allowed to change their minds and adjust or refine statements they made earlier, and the most current articulation of someone’s argument is what’s on the table. We won’t play ‘gotcha’ by saying, “You said x, therefore you must think y.” Ask a question and let your interlocutor clarify his or her position.
4. This is a charitable discussion. We will think well of each other and assume good intentions. If it gets intense at times, that’s okay, but stay within the bounds of charity. Having fun and laughing is appropriate, as long as it’s not negative humor and it doesn’t get the discussion off track.
5. Cite the text. When there is a disagreement or lack of clarity, go back to the text and bring up the specific passage that needs to be clarified.
6. Let’s leave ASP topics and controversies to other groups and focus the conversation here on the book itself.

My Suggestion: if you want to include application to ASP, perhaps start a separate thread, with the reminder of the need to be civil and listen well

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