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Roleplay what its like to be a person with a super power in a world where people who have powers are hated. They are shunned and looked down upon for being different. Normal people believe people with powers are dangerous and therefore fear and hate them.

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Jon walked through the streets of Boston. He could fly but he liked to walk. It made him feel normal. Also he didn't like people staring and whispering, so he usually kept his power secret.

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Jon walked by an electronics store and there were tvs in the window. They were playing the session of congress from earlier that day. The same session of congress that just outlawed "supers" from using powers in heavily populated areas. It was getting worse. First they banned powers in the workplace. Then banned all "supers" from playing sports, everywhere not just pro. Then they made all "supers" have to register themselves and now we all have to wear this braclet. Everything about us, our complete history of everything we do everyday is monitored by these braclets. Jon looked down at his braclet. He frowned and slowly crouched, "Our time will come." he muttered to himself before bursting off the ground, shattering the glass window of the electronics store, and speeding into the sky.

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Diem was on the run again. She refused to register. She was up in a large tree in a feild off from the city.

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Jon flew into a small patch of woods off from the city. He hit the ground with a tremendous thud, making a small crater.

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Diem looked up

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Jon stood and climbed out of the crater. He looked down at his braclet. He knew he'd get in trouble for that, which made him angrier.

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Diem ran to the source. She found a guy but she stayed back a ways

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Jon started walking through the woods.

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Spikeia shut her eyes, and gripped her sword tight; she took a deep breath and let the swords spirit become her own. She touched the sword to the bank vault and it blasted open. "Finally."

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She followed him

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Spikea stepped into the vault, and began to bag the money; there were sirens and then cops showed up. "Oh please." She raised the sword and slashed the air, a blast of wind knocked them clear back.

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Jon heard footsteps behind him, "Look i didn't mean to..." he said as he turned around, thinking it was the police. "Oh...hi." Jon said when he saw a girl standing there.

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She tilted her head. "Hi."

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"Who are you and why are you following me?" jon asked.

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"Diem... Diem Spark." she said quietly "Why are you here...."

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"To get away." Jon said.

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"I'm INVINSIBLE!" Spikeia laughed, and sliced the blade, opening a worm hole.

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"Nice bracelet." she stepped closer.

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Jon noticed she didn't have one and put his hand behind his back. "Not really."

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She smiled.

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"What do you want?" Jon asked.

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She smiled as electricity to her hands

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Jon took a defensive position.

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She giggled and it disapeared "Im on the run."

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"You didn't register?" Jon guessed.

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"NO..." she stared.. "you did?"

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Jon pulled his hand from out behind his back, "Yep." he said gloomily.

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She smiled.... "What does the bracelet do anyways?"

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"It monitors everything we do. It tells them when we use our powers and where we are." Jon said.

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She smiled and walked over to him, "Shhh...." she wispered in his ear. She used a strong electric feild to fry the circuitry, the bracelet fell from him hand.

Diem backed up.

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Jon looked down and smiled, but imediately his head snapped back up, "There gonna come for me now. We have to leave now. They will come here, to this spot, first."

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"Grab my hand." she held it out.

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"No come with me." Jon said as he grabbed her wrist and pulled her onto his back, "Hold on." he said, jumping into the air and shooting into the sky.

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"My ways less dangerous!" she yelled at him holding tightly though.... not that she was complaining

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Spikeia appeared again in the middle of town, sitting on the ledge of a building; she counted her money, tying the sword to her back again. "This should be enough..."

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Jon smiled, "Don't worry I won't drop you. Oh and if I do, I'd catch you before you hit the ground."

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"Thats reasuring." she held tighter.

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Jon laughed, "So where do you want to go?"

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"Anywhere." she smiled

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"I'll take you to my home. I haven't been there since I've had my braclet. It'll be good to see everyone again." Jon said.

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She smiled, "Okay."

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Jon soared high above the clouds. It did not take long until they were flying over China. Jon flew over mountains and came to a valley. There was a huge temple at one end and a little village in the valley below. "We're here." Jon said smiling. They shot towards the ground at tremendous speed. As the did Jon grabbed Diem and pulled her around into his arms as he hit the ground feet first, making a loud bang and a large crater. You could see many other craters around.

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Diem smiled, "Nice...."

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Jon was excited. He floated to the top of the crater, carrying Diem and set her down. "Come follow me." he said walking towards the village.

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She smiled and did so,

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They walked through the village and people were waving. Little kids were running around trying to catch Jon but he cheated and hovered just out of their reach. They made there way to the otherside of the village. To the massive temple. As they aproached the gate two young men jumped from out of nowhere and attacked Jon. Jon jumped back and they started fighting. They moved so fast but yet so elegant. Perfect form. It was more like they were dancing. Jon knocked one of them back, through the gate and slamed the other to the ground and held his arm pulling it as his foot was at his throat.

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Diems eyes widened as she just stared, Several people were gawking at her too....

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Jon let the man up and they started laughing and hugged each other. The other man came back through the door laughing. They were talking in chinese. They welcomed Diem, bowing to her and motioning for her to enter. Jon smiled, "c'mon there just old friends."

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Diem smiled and followed Jon closley

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