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message 1: by Teena (new)

Teena Stewart Ivana, would you be interested willing to post a review on amazon. I want to get more reviews of my book Mothers & Daughters:Mending a Strained Relationship Here is the link.

I can ship to you if you are in the U. S. If interested email me at teenastewart412 @ Provide the name of the book and remind me of this discussion. (I have a lot of irons in the fire.)

message 2: by Elisabeth (new)

Elisabeth (elisabethmoller) | 1 comments Bless you! I have published a most wonderful book 'Love is Possible' and I am looking for Goodreads and amazon reviewers.
Are you interested? Let me know what you think.
Elisabeth from

message 3: by Rolland (new)

Rolland Love | 21 comments Elisabeth,
You might consider checking out the following since your looking for reviews.

A FREE, simple and effective way to promote stories and books a result of a workshop project suggested by Johnson Country Library, Overland Park, Kansas.

1) Register with
2) Write or Cut and Paste stories.
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4) Use Twitter to drive traffic to Imastory.
5) If readers like your stories they go to your website and buy your stuff, hopefully.
6) It’s not a get rich quick method but it works.

Imastory has received almost 1,000 stories from around the world. I have over 6,000 reads on Imastory and have received 20,000 downloads of my novel Blue Hole which has over (300) five star reviews. - - -

Thanks for reviewing my information. Please let me know if I can help.

Rolland Love

message 4: by Robert (new)

Robert Eggleton | 35 comments Can you say "fuck" in a meaningful voice? No offense intended, but I can't get over the "most wonderful" nieces and nephews drawn to heroin after a totally Christian upbringing (born again).

message 5: by Anthea (new)

Anthea Peries (antheaperies) | 5 comments (((FREE 2 DAY BOOK PROMOTION ON AMAZON KINDLE THIS SATURDAY AND SUNDAY 15/16 NOVEMBER 2014)))

Also available in print version on Createspace.

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message 6: by Alex (new)

Alex Morritt (alexmorritt) | 7 comments Short on gift ideas for Xmas ? Stuck on what vacation reads to choose ? Why not try Impromptu Scribe ? A fictional short story collection that fits the bill on both counts, priced at just US$0.99 (Thursday 18th-Sunday 21st December only) available here: and from Amazon sites worldwide.

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