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Sarahcorn (the-meowing-unicorn) | 110 comments Mod
((rp here))

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hayley put on a mimi skirt, a cute shirt, and some flats. she grabbed he new bag and her car keys. her hair was perfectly straightned and her makeup looked great. she got in to her convertiable ad headed for school.

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((can you make a guy character cause i'm bad at guys.))

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((a guy at school and then they meet.))

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Kitten jumped up, brushed her hair, and slipped on a pair of Dazy Duke shorts and a red tanktop, and ran to her car and drove off to school.

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Kitty slid the car into its parking spot and hopped out.

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hayley threw her cheerleading uniform in her bag and headed to her locker.

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hayley said hi to some other cheerleaders and smiled at some football players. including christan

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Kitty dashed up, "Morning Hayley, morning Christain. I'm not late am I?"

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She beemed, "That's good!"

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"hey christian." she smiled at him then flipped her hair. she walked to her first class.

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hayley chamged into her shorts and tank. se pulled on her cute cheerleading sneaks. she pulled her hair into a ponytail leaving the bangs out though. she walked out into the gym. some guys stared who she knew from the football team. she blushed and walked over to her firends.

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((hello? can you play christen? he's in her gym class and should see her.))

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hayley turned around. and saw christen. she flased her smile at him. she flipped her hair and turned back around to her friends. they all gushed at her.

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she continued to talk with them. they all told her how lucky she was. they decided to have a sleepover at her house that night.

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hayley and the girls madew plans. they would sleep in these giant tents in hayley's yard. they all were so excited.

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Kitty hurried into gym, wearing her shorts and a tight tee-shirt, with her hair in a messy pony tail.

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She smiled, and went over to her freinds.

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after gym class hayley went back to looking pretty. she changed back into her regular clothes. the day went by fast. all her friends got into the car and headed to her house.

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Kitty put the rest of her stuff in her locker, chatting with some friends. Then she changed for cheerleading. She was excited for the football game. She let some of the other cheerleaders put her hair in a cute flippy pony, and she did the same for them.

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hayley forgot about the football game and drove back. she changed quickly. her friends brushed her har out and put her hair into a pony. they put the adorable bow in. she was captain of the team. "ready girls?" hayley said standing in front of them.

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hayley and the girls cheered the game hard. the performed the half time routine and then went back to cheering.

message 25: by **Gracie** (new)

**Gracie** (dragon_girl) | 16 comments Mia absent mindedly clapped for the team and got up to go. She had too much on her mind, an needed to get home. (( can some one be Mia's friend? ))

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"lets hear some noise for the boys. go boys go. go boys go." hayley cheered.

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**Gracie** (dragon_girl) | 16 comments Mia smiled and did a little cheer.

message 28: by [deleted user] (new)

((is mia a cheerleader? hayley is.))

message 29: by **Gracie** (new)

**Gracie** (dragon_girl) | 16 comments (( No... She's too shy! )))

message 30: by [deleted user] (new)

((then why was she doing a cheer. hayley did one because shes on the cheerleading team.))

message 31: by **Gracie** (new)

**Gracie** (dragon_girl) | 16 comments (( I mean she cheered on the stands ))

message 32: by [deleted user] (new)

((ohhhhh. sorry blonde moment.))

message 33: by **Gracie** (new)

**Gracie** (dragon_girl) | 16 comments Mia started to move through the sea of fans. " Excuse me, sorry, excuse me...".

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"t-o-u-c-h d-o-w-n. townchdown mighty cougars. go fight win." hayley cheered loudly with the others. the girls ran out onto the feild. the plsayers hugged each girl.

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**Gracie** (dragon_girl) | 16 comments Mia smiled at people cheering, even though they were stepping on her toes.

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hayley and the girls smiled. "should be fun." hayley told him.

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**Gracie** (dragon_girl) | 16 comments Mia wondered if she would go to the party. She decided she would.

message 38: by **Gracie** (new)

**Gracie** (dragon_girl) | 16 comments (( I am ))

message 39: by **Gracie** (new)

**Gracie** (dragon_girl) | 16 comments (( so what do we do? have our charries meet? ))

message 40: by **Gracie** (new)

**Gracie** (dragon_girl) | 16 comments (( sure ))

Mia knocked on Christian's door. She hoped she wasn't to early.

message 41: by **Gracie** (new)

**Gracie** (dragon_girl) | 16 comments "Thanks..." She muttered shyly. (( is shyly a word... ))

message 42: by **Gracie** (new)

**Gracie** (dragon_girl) | 16 comments (( gotta go... so sorry!!! ))

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Kitty knocked on the door for Christian's house "Hello?!" she called out

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Her short red pleated plaid skirt ruffled in the breeze

message 45: by [deleted user] (new)

((i thought christen was for hayley not mia.))

message 46: by [deleted user] (new)

hayley pulled up to the house. she had on a mini black sparkly dress, and black flats. her hair was straightned and her makeup perfect.

message 47: by [deleted user] (new)

hayley stepped out her car looking flawlessly beutiful.

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hayley lightly walked up to the front door.

message 49: by [deleted user] (new)

"hi." she said.

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hayley walked in. "you mught wanna go get ready. everyone is gonna show up soon." hayley told him.

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