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Ghost Story? No ghost story? May contain spoilers.

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Tash Dahling So I've seen a few reviews suggesting this might be something more than a simple ghost story. I'm almost halfway through and I think I've cracked the mystery. There is no ghost.
I'd love to hear other people's thoughts.

Tammy Snook I also thought it was pretty obvious there was no ghost, but I did not come to the same conclusion as to the resolution of the mystery that many others appear to have come to (which can be seen under the "What was it" discussion topic).

Renée **SPOILER**.In the end I was pretty convinced that Dr. Farraday was the" Little Stranger". He had the son committed and I felt that Mrs. Ayres killed herself because she was going to be committed as well. He was pretty heavy handed in his pursuit of Caroline as well. That is not to say that the presence of Susan wasn't real. I thought it was a great book, not obvious and very well written.

Karl My reading of it is that there is no ghost in the usual sense... the spirit of a dead person haunting a place. But the place is being haunted... by the thoughtforms of a person or persons who envy/resent the Ayers.

Dianna Rostad I agree, there is no ghost, but rather an obsession.

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