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Queen_Annabelle | 38 comments Mod
we have a writing contest starting now. it ends in two weeks from may 23. pm me foor questions or concerns.

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Aqsa (her_747) | 45 comments Mod
Okay :)
Let's see.

Charlotte (Taylor's Version) (charlotteilovebooks) | 12 comments The rain slashed at the windows. Lighting shattered the sky and thunder roared in the background. somewhere, a baby cried. It was left alone. in a car seat. it wailed and screamed for it's mum. Who never came. somewhere else a terrified toddler cowers in the corner to hide from a cruel father. Silent tears roll it's cheeks. In another part of the world, a child, 7 or 8 is teased for being fat. A group of children circle the child and taunt it mercilessly. A teenager on the other side of the country revealed it's biggest secret to its brother just to have it spread across school. And far far away, an old person, who abused in their youth, sees a crying child. He/she goes over to it and offers it the kindness it he/she was never shown. The rain slashed at the windows. Lighting shattered the sky and thunder roared in the background.

Some stories never get told.

Charlotte (Taylor's Version) (charlotteilovebooks) | 12 comments that's mine!! hope you enjoy it!!! I'll write another

Charlotte (Taylor's Version) (charlotteilovebooks) | 12 comments Baby Kate was a newborn. Yet, she was left on the backseat of her mum's range rover for weeks. Every now and then, one of the parents would come and feed her. only when they felt like it though.

As the years went by Kate became a toddler. No one saw her first steps. No one heard her first word. Because no one cared. A social worker came round and the parents put on a show of kindness. it was the only kindness Kate had felt in her life. From then on she lived in the house. But her Father couldn't stand her talking or crying. He would take out his leather belt and beat her senseless. Kate learnt to hide her scare as she grew older.

When she reached 8 she was starved so her stomach had swelled. On her first day, she made 3 friends but more enemies. She was taunted and teased and tortured for being 'fat'.

In her teenage years, she found herself liking girls. Did I mention she had a brother? For some reason she told her brother and her brother told everyone. She lost two of her friends and became the most unpopular girl there. Later, she changed to boy and her (his) friend sadly passed away.

Now, he is an old man who gets called names and tripped up by the younger generation but he has learnt to block out those taunts. He still has those scars though. visible or not, it never leaves. But he met people who shared the same torment. He goes to a group every week and it helps him.

The end

Charlotte (Taylor's Version) (charlotteilovebooks) | 12 comments sorry I was so morbid

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Adeline A girl walked down a dark road. Her long, black hair and dark blue dress blew wildly in the the blowing wind, half her face obscured. She had a long, jagged scar running down one side of her face, given to her in a fit of rage. She was barefoot.The moon never showed, hidden behind a pale, white cloud. The girl was but a shadow, neither there, yet also there. She stopped in the middle of the road and didn't move. A large gust of wind came along and lifted her off her feet. It bore her away, up into the stars. She was never seen again.

Queen_Annabelle | 38 comments Mod
Charlotte... I love books wrote: "sorry I was so morbid"

u can oknly submit one. pm me te final copy. that goes to evveryone. just so nobody copies u.

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Adeline Question, what does pm mean?

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Queen_Annabelle | 38 comments Mod
message me on goodreads.

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Adeline Oh. Thanks...

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To some people I hide in the dark, I'm a shadow only one can sacrifice their moment to look at. You'll never find me out in the sunshine... you just won't. Nobody cares about me and no one likes me for who I truly am. They look down to me and make me doubt myself.

I ran away from home on a stormy night, the rain pounding against my previous home's big glass windows. I can see the lights of my past shut off as I dodge through my next destiny.

"Wait! Wait! Madeline, where do you think you're going now?" My older brother with what tends to be a slower mind, William, yells to me as he runs my way, his bare-feet splashing repeatedly through mud puddles. "It's my time to go, Willy. I'll miss you but I need to leave," I say as I jokingly mess with his hair and give him a big hug. "Take care of yourself."

And there I go, running with a crossed bag over my shoulder and a persistent frown on my face. Willy's saddened behind me, his tears blended with the raindrops from the heavens. He turns around and heads home, hoping his sister will be back by day.

Here I am, scrunched up on the city bench with my feet covered in loose cobblestone chunks. I'm shaking from the cold and my mind is sleepy. I know if I fell asleep that I'd wake up somewhere different from here... anybody would move me.

A gentle and caring lightened-skinned hand reaches down to me. I look up nervously at the figure in the night. I make out the silhouette of a gentleman with a fluffy white beard and a wobbly wooden can in his brown hand. "Darling you must be freezing. Call me Fred," and there was my destiny. My new home. My dream come true. I don't need to run anymore from the facts of the past.

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