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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Romance about a woman who finds her fiance cheating on her, so she has her best friend dress up in her wedding gown and walk down the aisle to embarrass him. [s]

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Abbie  Fan  | 12 comments I'm not honestly sure if this book even exists. I bought it at a garage sale like 6 years ago but then donated it, and when I tried to search it I could never find it (I think the title has the word Kiss in it). POSSIBLE SPOILERS IF THIS IS AN ACTUAL BOOK So the heroine finds her fiance cheating on her, but she's spent her whole life being talked down upon by her (step)mom so she knows if she tells anyone she'd probably cave and end up marrying him, so she has her best friend dress up in her wedding gown and walk down the aisle, while she runs off with the brother (possibly adopted) of her friend (I think it's the same friend who walked down the isle as her). They do this whole cross-country road trip (in a van?), that I don't remember the point of and I'm pretty sure she meets up with her estranged brother at some point. The hero and heroine wind up in a city (vegas?) where they meet up with the heroines stepmom and ex-fiance, and pretend to be engaged. The hero gets her a huge ring which she thinks is fake and I remember something about her wearing a pair of tight white pants. Some more things happen but in the end they wind up at a huge house somewhere (California?) that I think the hero is supposed to house sit, or maybe it's his own house and the whole trip was a lie or something, but she finds out that he's loaded and the ring he gave her was real. I don't remember how the conclusion went but I know it was a HEA.

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Ayshe | 4324 comments The Kiss maybe?

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Abbie  Fan  | 12 comments Ayshe wrote: "The Kiss maybe?"

Thank you!!!!

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