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( ☾ ) ━━ SPECIES BOOK !!
` here you will find all information concerning the types of supernatural beings that roam new orleans. there will be different categories containing evil, pure, & neutral creatures within the realms. if you don't see a creature on the list that you'd like, please let me know on the help center thread.

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0 0 1. angels: a spiritual being believed to act as an attendant, agent, or messenger of God. their true form is one of human-like features with large wings & a halo. they are seen as God's right-hand people, sometimes they are created by God or they are people who have passed from the human realm.
━━ types of angels:
i. guardian angel: they are sent to earth to watch over a specific human. they protect them from harm, & lead them into the right direction.
ii. cherubim: these angels are known as God's keepers. they hold the knowledge of the Lord & are sent to earth with great tasks.
iii. virtues: these angels will often take the form of doctors, healers, artists, musicians, or scientists who work with the power of love. they inspire living things in areas such as science or healing.
iv. archangels: they are often labeled as the guardian's of all physical things. unlike guardian angels, they respond best when dealing with matters involving all humankind. they will often take the form of explorers, philosophers, or human rights leaders.
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0 0 2. mermaids/mermans: an aquatic creature with the head & upper body of a human & the tail of a fish. they are natural beings who have magical & prophetic powers. they love music & often sing. they are able to walk as normal humans on land, but any kind of contact with a large body of water will lead to transformation.
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0 0 3. unicorns/pegasus: these horse creatures are some of the most beautiful, with their pure white coats & hair. unicorns will have a sparkling & sharp horn on their forehead, whilst pegasus have large, beautiful feather-y wings. God granted them with the ability to transform into humans.
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0 0 1. demons: an evil spirit or devil, especially one thought to posses a person or act as a tormentor in hell. they are often labeled as lucifer's minions, they do his dirty work for him.
types of demons:
i. archdaemon: these demons are prominent in the infernal hierarchy as a leader of demons. they are often seen as the evil counterparts of the archangels. archdaemons are rare.
ii. incubus/succubus: these two are male & female counterparts. they feed off the sexual activity of humans, mostly whilst they sleep.
iii. crossroads: also known as broker demons, these demons are tasked with "buying" souls for Hell through deals with humans. these deals will consist of the demon granting a person's wish & in return ask for ownership of their soul.
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0 0 2. wendigo: a type of cannibalistic creature whose name means "evil that devours". these creatures are embodiments of gluttony, greed, and excess; never satisfied. lucifer gave them the ability of human life, but with one except: to spread chaos with the demons. they are able to look & act human, but their true form is ugly.
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0 0 3. skin-walker: in navajo culture, a skin-walker is a type of harmful witch who has the ability to turn into, possess, or disguise themselves as an animal. to become a skin-walker, it is said that the user needs to murder one of their family members.
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0 0 4. sirens: dangerous creatures, who lure nearby sailors with their enchanting music & singing voices to shipwreck. they seduce men & lure them to their ultimate death. much like mermaids, just a darker version of them.
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0 0 1. were-creatures: the most common creature amongst this group are the werewolves. but within it are also things like werefoxes, werecats, wereserpent, etc. they are merely humans who can change into an animal.
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0 0 2. vampires: a race of blood-drinking creatures that were once human. they are some of the most common creatures seen as their race is large & always expanding.
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0 0 3. faeries: a type of mythical being or legendary creature. sometimes seen as mischievous creatures, they come in all different shapes & sizes. they have all originated from a fairy realm.
types of faeries:
i. asrai: these faeries are aquatic faeries, similar to mermaids. they are believed to reside in deep water, breathtakingly beautiful & shy. asrai is afraid of daylight & cannot be exposed to sunlight for a prolonged time.
ii. pixie: pixies are little faeries with gossamer wings, & pointed noses & ears. they are affable faeries but also known to be pranksters, who have a reputation of misleading travelers.
iii. elf: elves are believed to be half humans of extraordinary beauty who dwell in forests, caves, hills or rocks. they are typically characterized by pointed ears.
iv. banshee: a popular fairy whose eerie wailing portends death. banshee is a beautiful fairy woman who laments to warn a household of the death of it's member.
v. leprechaun: devious little faeries, leprechaun's like to live solitary lives. often garbed in red or green clothing.
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