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Hear the Children Calling
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Adult novel that deals with children who were kidnapped and experimented on. Spoilers ahead. [s]

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Jessi (zilvlynrae) | 49 comments I read this book around 2008-2010. It is somewhat similar to a book by James Patterson in that there are kids who are a part of an experiment but in a different way.
Ok so the story covers a bunch of family who have had their children kidnapped at verious periods. Some never got to hold there child and was told they died at birth while one family had her son stolen from her. I believe he went missing on his way to a field trip. Cut to a few years later and one mother discovers that her child is still alive. She embarks on a adventure to find her missing child gathering the help of others whose children have also gone missing.

The children in question live in the village. They have all been adopted by various workers of this company and know nothing about being kidnapped though one of them feels like something is wrong. Once a week test are done one them. Each child (I believe there are 5 of them) has differnet abilities. They are tested on these abilities and punished if they do not preform. These punishments play on their worst fears. One kid is afraid of heights so is locked in some cage way up high at one point.
They eventually manage to break out. I am not sure what makes them leave but I knkw that they eventually find out that they are all adopted and hunt down thier families. One by one the parents are being killed off though. Someone is after them. This person ends up being the person in control of it all.a scientist who experimented on his own family for unknown reasons. His first subject being his child who eventually dies because after it had killed its own mother using its powers. He made a pill that mutated a bunch of chdren and had it so they developed different abilities. Once he found out that they had these abilities he would have them kidnapped so he could study them.

The book ends with something of a cliffhanger suggesting that it is part of a series.

It ends with the children reuniting with the surviving parents and with the bad guy dying.

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Courtney (andforamoment) | 310 comments Sounds like the Chasing Yesterday series by Robin Wasserman

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El | 502 comments Changing Yesterday trilogy for Courtney's suggestion

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Jessi (zilvlynrae) | 49 comments No, It wasn't that but it does sound interesting. The book I am talking about wasn't a YA novel. It was towards adults I think.

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Jessi (zilvlynrae) | 49 comments Bump

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Kris | 39818 comments Mod
Jessica, what's the location - country, region?

Are there fantasy elements?

A few long shots:

- Nowhere Blvd. by Ryan Notch?

- The Repossession by Sam Hawksmoor?

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Ayshe | 4406 comments Or Hear the Children Calling? It was suggested in this thread: https://www.goodreads.com/topic/show/... (your description reminded me of it), so if none of those, looking at the other suggestion there may turn out fruitful.

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Jessi (zilvlynrae) | 49 comments Kris wrote: "Jessica, what's the location - country, region?

Are there fantasy elements?

A few long shots:

- Nowhere Blvd. by Ryan Notch?

- The Repossession ..."

I am not sure what it does sound like it could be it

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Jessi (zilvlynrae) | 49 comments Oh my goodness, I am crying lol. I have been looking for this book for years so that I could give it to my big sister. I will not bother you all with the sob story but Hear The Children calling is it
Thank you so much for the help in finding it.

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