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message 1: by EndlessPages (new)

EndlessPages (liv_readsx) | 266 comments Mod
I hate horror movies lol

message 2: by Susy (new)

Susy (susysstories) | 60 comments Looooove them lol

message 3: by Amanda (new)

Amanda  (manka23) | 14 comments Omg this was great. Very good jump scares with this one.

message 4: by Helena (new)

Helena (helenavv) Loved this movie. Also loving the fact that there is a deaf actress in there. (I'm kinda an activist for accessibility for deaf and hard of hearing people.) But also hate the facts that there is only captions for the hearing people and not through the whole movie when people spoke by their voice. That's my only complaint about it the rest is really done wonderful

Amy (won't be online for a while. sorry to all the groups i'm in!) (mattbatt) | 26 comments I wanted to see this movie so bad but my parents thought i would never sleep at night a be afraid of silence

message 6: by Ashley (new)

Ashley Ford | 14 comments SPOILER ALERT
Just saw this over the weekend (finally) and I really liked it. I would have made a home by the river just for the constant noise to throw the aliens off. I mean, you can't do everything without making some kinda noise. Was pissed that the little boy didn't know better at day 87 not to play with a rocket that makes noise. I also hated that the dad died before they figured out how to kill those damn things. :(

message 7: by Christine (new)

Christine Hatfield  (christinesbookshelves) | 281 comments I never watched that movie

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