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Dennis Meredith (dennismeredith) | 32 comments Independent publishers with a new Science Thriller/Sci-Fi Fairy story, Mythicals, looking for beta readers.

In this sci-fi fairy tale, the fabulous creatures of myth and legend—fairies, ogres, elves, werewolves, pixies, vampires—really exist! They’re aliens, exiled to the planet for their crimes, and living peacefully in disguise among the population. But that peace is shattered when some decide that the inhabitants are a terminal species—doomed to extinction unless drastic action is taken. The result: clashes among the species, interdimensional battles with alien weaponry, and a plot packed with adventure, twists, and surprises.

Copies for beta readers are available in Kindle form and Word.

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Gav451 | 14 comments What kind of readers are you looking for?

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