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Dagen skal komme med blå vind
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May 2018: Family Drama > Dagen skal komme med blå vind, Levi Henriksen, 3,5 stars

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Hilde (hilded) | 433 comments Dagen skal komme med blå vind, by Levi Henriksen.

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Levi Henriksen has written another novel about family secrets, brothers in conflict and the difficulties of starting over and try to find love again. The protagonist, Mikael Hildonen has reached bottom after the loss of his fiance and their unborn baby. When he becomes responsible for his thirteen-year-old niece Daniela, he must get it together and fix his own life.

The book is very slow moving, like many of Henriksen's novels. I very much enjoyed the beginning of the book, the descriptions of love and loss, hard feelings, misunderstandings and slowly getting some clarifications. We only get small clues, what has happened to make Mikael to the loner he is portrayed as?

In the middle, it started to drag quite a bit unfortunately.

But then it got better again, the last chapters were simply wonderful! A touching book about human relations. Mikaels relationship to his father, his mother and to his brother and his betrayal. I loved the descriptions of the women in this book, such strong characters.

The book makes you think, and was very well written. All in all, a good read. 3,5 stars

message 2: by Karin (new)

Karin | 7465 comments Is there an English edition of this? There are no other editions linked with this, and I know that using Google translator with the title might not help since often books are given new titles when translated--or even among different English speaking countries such as England vs USA.

Hilde (hilded) | 433 comments No, unfortunately the book has not been translated to English.
If i were to translate it literally, it would be: "The Day Shall Come with Blue Wind", but that doesn't sound good ;)

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