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A Room Full of Bones (Ruth Galloway, #4)
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annapi | 5159 comments Ruth is to preside over the opening of the newly discovered coffin of a medieval bishop. Arriving early at the museum, she finds the curator unconscious on the ground, and he dies en route to the hospital. DI Nelson suspects murder and starts investigating the owners of the museum, who own a training farm for racehorses. Throw in an Australian Aboriginal group whose focus is repatriating old bones and skeletons stolen by English colonists of generations past, specifically the ancestors of said museum/farm owners, and you have an intriguing mystery.

This series is still going strong for me. The aboriginal Australian curse and mysticism was an interesting element, which serves nicely to include the character of Ruth's friend, the local druid Cathbad. And knocking Nelson down with an illness so that it's his sergeant Judy Johnson who ends up solving the case was another nice touch that brought minor characters to the fore.

message 2: by Nicole R (new)

Nicole R (drnicoler) | 7784 comments You know that I am a one series kind of girl (and Roarke has my heart), but you almost got me with "aboriginal Australian curse and mysticism." That definitely sounds interesting!

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Amy | 9372 comments Almost got me too with ancient aboriginal curse and mysticism.

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