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April-May: Book of Unknown > Stereotypes and Prejudice Against Latinos

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Cait K (medlibcait) | 99 comments How do characters react to Latino stereotypes? How do you understand the motives behind the prejudice they experience? How do you see the characters being, “simultaneously conspicuous and invisible” (186)? Do you agree with Micho Alvarez’s declaration, “Maybe if [people] take the time to get to know us . . . they might realize that we’re a lot like them” (237)?

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Cait K (medlibcait) | 99 comments I thought that the section told by Nelia Zafón resonated a lot for me on this topic - she talks about only allowing one person identity and how that is 'diverse' - what we would maybe call the token character. I loved her quote: "The world already had its Rita Moreno, I guess, and there was only room for one Boricua at a time. That's how it works. Americans can handle one person from anywhere. They had Desi Arnaz from Cuba. And Tin Tan from México. And Rita Moreno from Puerto Rico. But as soon as there are too many of us, they throw up their hands. No, no, no! We were only just curious. We are not actually interested in you people." (p 177)

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