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( ☾ ) ━━ GUIDELINES !!
` as stated, this thread will have all information regarding the rules & regulations for this group. these rules are set in place to insure a safe, fun & creative roleplaying community for everybody. rules are set to change at any given time, or add on to. please take the time to read through every one carefully, & sign your name at the bottom so I know you've read them.

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0 0 1. proper grammar & spelling: this should be common sense - you should always have proper grammar & correct spelling within your posts. mistakes are a given, but it shouldn't be a repetitive thing. to help lessen this, proof read your writing before posting. the only time this rule won't apply is if your character is texting, or ooc chat.

0 0 2. permission: it would be helpful if you were to ask me or another moderate before performing an extreme idea. mostly things that could shift the plot, or involve more than three characters. for example: pregnancy, death, battling, etc.

0 0 3. respect: it's very crucial that you, as a member, respect every single person within this community. that doesn't mean only mods, but other members as well. everybody deserves to feel comfortable & welcomed, this is suppose to be a fun environment.

0 0 4. leaving/hiatus: breaks or even departures are completely understandable. all I ask from you is to let me know beforehand so I can make the correct adjustments.

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shay arabella (voidkosmic) | 24 comments Mod
0 0 1. literacy: this group is considered semi-literate, or semi-advanced. I understand not everybody is on the same level of writing. that being said, the post requirement will be 600+ words in every reply. failure to reach this level will result in warnings & possibly ban. this helps to ensure that your partner will have enough to work with in replying.

0 0 2. godmodding: sorry but nobody's character is perfect. you must have flaws, & they can't win at everything. you are to only control your own character(s) & that is all.

0 0 3. mature themes: more than likely, this roleplay will have some mature themes involved. things like language, violence, drug/alcohol usage, etc. romance/sexualizing on the other hand, must be restricted. so basically anything more than make-outs or sexual comments must be skipped over or moved to PM.

0 0 4. trigger warnings: if your post involves any of the following topics: suicide, self-harm, death, abuse, drug addiction, disorders, among other things - please tag your post with a "trigger warning". this will let reader's be aware & warned of what their reading.

0 0 5. third person: everybody's post will be written in third person. this helps to avoid any confusion amongst members. the only time this rule wouldn't apply is if the character is texting, writing in a journal, etc.

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0 0 1. basics: there will be several different kinds of character that will be created. seeing as this is a supernatural based roleplay, I do ask for you to use common sense when creating them, do your research. for example, most vampires are actually hundreds of years old but appear younger. because of this, there will be no age limitation. do not use any anime face claims, realistic only. all genders, species, & sexualities are welcomed.

0 0 2. templates: I will not be supplying templates. this is where your creativity will show. I'm not looking for paragraphs of information, rather simple but pretty. the requiring information will be of the following: full name, age, gender, sexuality, appearance, & species.

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━━ your mod, shay arabella.

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