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Truly (New York, #1)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Romance: A woman rejects her football player (...I think) boyfriends public proposal and then she finds herself in a big city (I think it's NYC but I'm not 100% sure) where she meets a guy who basically shows her she doesn't have to settle. [s]

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Abbie  Fan  | 12 comments I honestly don't remeber any of the characters names but I do remember that the proposal she recieved from her boyfriend was embarrassing, he basically tells her and the rest of the world that the only reason he is marrying her is because she is supportive of his career and that she understands that his passion for his sport will always come first. Also all of her family and friends always shit on her because she is a thicker woman (I don't think she's really even big, I'm pretty sure her mom and sister are just tiny). Due to this she's been miserable her whole relationship but no one has listened and they've basically just told her that she is lucky that a man as good as her boyfriend would even want her and she is crazy for breaking it off. I don't remember how her and her new love interest meet all I really remember is that it's a whirlwind and that at some point she goes shopping for new clothes and tries on a pair of pants that have snakeskin on them (something she never would have dreamed of wearing before she met him) and she says something along the lines of "My legs looked like anacondas, but in a sexy way." Also it has one of those realistic bedroom scenes, where her new love interest tells her that in order to really enjoy sex she has to let her partner know exactly what she likes and what she doesn't like. I read it about 3-4 years ago and I think it was written by a fairly well known author.

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Abbie  Fan  | 12 comments Juels wrote: "Truly by Ruthie Knox"

OMG that's it thank you!

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Juels | 2569 comments You're welcome.

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