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caged bird

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message 1: by ROSE (new)

ROSE MAAAA | 5 comments for this poem, there is a main theme in here, which is freedom. The poem is talking about there are many “birds” seems like controlled by matters. The cage could purpose that people always stuck into some matters and cannot run out of it. Moreover, the speaker talks about how beautiful if he got freedom, for example, he says, “ the fat worms waiting in a dawn bright” (23). The fat worm can be the symbol to suggest that the the things could speaker get if he has freedom, because we all know the bird wants get the worms and the speaker wants to get what he wants. The beginning of the poem, the speaker argues about the beauty the freedom is, he says, “ in the orange suns rays and dares to claim the sky”(3). This sentence proves that the sky for freedom will feels better than the cage, and he have to say at the darkness(cage) and singing for the freedom. Just like when I feels regret for some matters, I could not change anything except talking about this matter and “enjoy” the result.

message 2: by Jay (last edited May 23, 2018 09:10PM) (new)

Jay Goodman | 5 comments Mod
How does this connect to the idea of identity?

message 3: by ROSE (new)

ROSE MAAAA | 5 comments To connect the identity, there are two ways to look at this poem, firstly, it is the poem’s background knowledge, which is about the racism. Secondly, it is only focus the sentences through this poem. For a teenager, our identities are controlled by our parents, and in this poem, we can understand that the cage is just like the way which parents gives to their children. For the reason above, the caged bird could be understated that caged bird means parents are controlled children’s identities. Moreover, for the birds which have freedom, those birds can be suggest that children who are already go away from their parents( go aboard) and have more controllable for their own identity.

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